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Azarya ben Ephraim Figo

Azarya Figo was a sofer and Baal darshan in the Jewish community of Venice. He was the author of... more »

Azel P. Ladd

Azel Parkhurst Ladd was an American educator from Wisconsin. Born in Haverhill, New Hampshire,... more »

Azeline Hearne

Azeline Hearne, was an American slave who was freed near the end of her life, and became famous... more »

Azie Taylor Morton

Azie Taylor Morton served as Treasurer of the United States during the Carter administration... more »

Azim Tyabji

Azim Tyabji was a noted Muslim scholar and reformer. He was also the son of Hussein Tyabji, and... more »


Azim-ud-Daula was the Nawab of Carnatic from 1801 to 1819. He was the uncle of Umdat Ul-Umra and... more »

Azimullah Khan

Azimullah Khan Yusufzai, also known as Dewan Azimullah Khan, was initially appointed Secretary,... more »

Aziz Kelmendi

Aziz Kelmendi was a Faculty of Law regular student at the University of Priština. An ethnic... more »

Aziza Jafarzadeh

Aziza Jafarzade was an Azerbaijani female writer and professor of philology, Ph.D. more »

Azmathunnisa Begum

Azmathunnisa Begum was the wife of Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII. more »

Aznar Galíndez II

Aznar Galíndez II was a Count of Aragón, son and successor of Galindo Aznárez I. Married Oneca,... more »

Aznar Sánchez

Aznar Sánchez, son of Sancho Garcés, married a daughter of king Fortún Garcés and by her had... more »

Aznar Sánchez of Gascony

Aznar Sánchez was the Duke of Gascony from 820. He was the supposed son of Sancho I of Gascony,... more »

Azor Orne

Azor Orne, sometimes spelled Azore, was a colonial American merchant, politician and patriot. In... more »

Azra Erhat

Azra Erhat was a Turkish author, archaeologist, academician and translator. more »


Azriel of Gerona, Azriel ben Menahem was one of the most important kabbalists in the Catalan... more »

Azzo VII d'Este

Azzo VII d'Este, Marquis of Ferrara was marquis of Ferrara from 1215 to 1222, and again from... more »

Azzolino Bernardino della Ciaja

Azzolino Bernardino della Ciaja was an Italian organist, harpsichordist, composer and organ builder. more »