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A.G. Thornton

A. G. Thornton was a British novelist, short story writer and journalist. He authored three... more »

A.H.H. Kawilarang

A.H.H. Kawilarang was a military officer and father of Alexander Evert Kawilarang. more »

A.J. Gibson

Albert John Gibson or A. J. Gibson was an architect in Missoula, Montana who designed a number... more »

A.J.W. McNeilly

Alexander James Whiteford McNeilly was an Irish-born lawyer and political figure in... more »

A.K. Golam Jilani

A. K. Golam Jilani was a Bengali revolutionary of the Indian independence movement from the... more »

A.K. Nazmul Karim

Abul Khair Nazmul Karim was a sociologist from Bangladesh. He is the founding father of... more »

A.T. Goldie Gardner

Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Thomas Goldie Gardner OBE MC was an English racing car driver who was... more »

A.V.H. Hartendorp

Abraham Van Heyningen Hartendorp, commonly known as A.V.H. Hartendorp or A.V. Hartendorp, was an... more »


A.V.M.Palaniappan was the son of Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar. more »

A.W. Weedon

Augustus Walford Weedon was born in 1838 in London. He was a landscape painter in watercolour,... more »

Aad J. Vinje

Aad John Vinje was a justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He served as a Chief Justice of the... more »

Aad Knutsson Gjelle

Aad Knutsson Gjelle was a Norwegian cartographer. more »

Aage Dons

Aage Dons was a Danish writer. He studied at University in 1919 and made his writing debut with... more »

Aage Krarup Nielsen

Aage Krarup Nielsen was a travel writer. In the days before the Second World War, Nielsen... more »

Aage Møst

Aage Møst was a Norwegian journalist and sports official. He was born in Skotselv. He... more »

Aage William Søgaard

Aage William Søgaard was a Norwegian trade unionist and politician for the Labour Party. more »

Aaren Simpson

Aaren Simpson was a daughter of O. J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley. more »

Aarno Maliniemi

Aarno Henrik Maliniemi, was a Finnish historian, professor in church history at Helsinki... more »

Aaron Abiob

Aaron Abiob was Turkish and a rabbi of Salonica The authorship of Oil of Myrrh, in the Yiddish... more »

Aaron Abraham Kabak

Aharon Avraham Kabak was a Lithuanian born Hebrew language author. He was recipient of the... more »

Aaron Alfandari

Aaron ben Moses Alfandari was a Talmudic writer born in Smyrna. He emigrated to Palestine in his... more »

Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson was the brother of Gillian Anderson. more »

Aaron Ayers

Aaron Ayers came to Christchurch from England as a newly married man in his mid 20s. He was a... more »

Aaron B. Grosh

Reverend Aaron Burt Grosh, a Universalist minister, was one of the seven founders of the Grange... more »

Aaron Bodansky

Aaron Bodansky was a Russian-born American biochemist remembered for describing the Bodansky... more »