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Abassad was a bishop and martyr of the early Christian church. After being tortured in a variety... more »

Abba Ahimeir

Abba Ahimeir was a Russian-born Jewish journalist, historian and political activist. One of the... more »

Abba Berman

Rabbi Abba Mordechai Berman was a renowned Talmudist and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Iyun HaTalmud... more »

Abba of Acre

Abba of Acre, was an amora from Acre who flourished at the end of the 3rd century. He was... more »

Abbad II al-Mu'tadid

Abbad II al-Mu'tadid, a member of the Abbadid dynasty, was the second independent Muslim ruler... more »

Abban of New Ross

Abão de Magheranoidhe é um santo da tradição irlandesa. Foi associado inicialmente com Mag... more »

Abbas Benedictus

Abbas Benedictus, abbot of Peterborough, whose name is accidentally connected with the Gesta... more »

Abbas Foroughi Bastami

فروغي البسطامي هو شاعر فارسي. هو ميرزا عباس بن السيد موسى البسطامي. بدأ مسيرته بمدح الملوك... more »

Abbas Gueye

Abbas Guèye was a politician and trade-unionist from Senegal who served in the French National... more »

Abbas Hosseini Kashani

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Abbas Hosseini Kashani was an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja. He has studied... more »

Abbas ibn Abdullah

Abbas ibn Abdullah was the son of the late Zaynab bint Ali. more »

Abbé Faria

Abbé Faria, or Abbé José Custódio de Faria, was a Goan Catholic monk who was one of the pioneers... more »

Abbé François Blanchet

Abbé François Blanchet was a French littérateur, or Intellectual. He spent his younger years in... more »

Abbie Burgess

Abbie Burgess was an American lighthouse keeper known for her bravery in tending the Matinicus... more »

Abbie G. Rogers

Abbie Gifford Rogers, was the first wife of Henry Huttleston Rogers, a United States capitalist,... more »

Abbie Gerrish-Jones

Abbie Gerrish-Jones was an American composer, librettist and music writer. more »

Abbie Graham

Abbie Graham was a successful non-fiction author in the United States. This was a significant... more »

Abbo of Fleury

Abbo of Fleury, also known as Saint Abbon was a monk, and later abbot, of Fleury Abbey in... more »

Abbo of Provence

Abbo was the Patrician of Provence in opposition to Maurontus in the 730s. He was also rector of... more »

Abbo Ostrowsky

Abbo Ostrowsky was a Russian-American art teacher, and etcher. more »

Abbondio Sangiorgio

Abbondio Sangiorgio was an Italian sculptor. Born in Milan, Sangiorgio studied at the city’s... more »

Abbot Augustus Low

Abbot Augustus Low was an entrepreneur and inventor from Brooklyn, who lived in St. Lawrence... more »

Abbot Oliba

Oliba was the count of Berga and Ripoll and later bishop of Vic and abbot of Sant Miquel de... more »

Abbott Barnes Rice

Abbott Barnes Rice was a Boston merchant, a member of the Massachusetts House of... more »

Abbott Eliot Kittredge

Abbott Eliot Kittredge, best known as A. E. Kittredge, was an American leader of the... more »