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Camillo Massimo

Camillo Massimo was an Italian cardinal in 17th century Rome, best remembered as a major patron... more »

Camillo Mazzella

Camillo Mazzella was an Italian Jesuit theologian and cardinal. He was born at Vitulano, near... more »

Camillo Pacetti

Camillo Pacetti was an Italian sculptor. He was the brother of Vincenzo Pacetti, another... more »

Camillo Porzio

Camillo Porzio was an Italian historian. more »

Camillo Ranzani

Camillo Ranzani was an Italian priest and a naturalist. He was director of the Museum of Natural... more »

Camillo Rapetti

Camillo Rapetti was an Italian painter. more »

Camillo Róndani

Camillo Róndani was an Italian entomologist noted for his studies of Diptera. more »

Camillo Rusconi

Camillo Rusconi was an Italian sculptor of the late Baroque in Rome. His style displays both... more »

Camillo Ruspoli, 4th Marquis of Boadilla del Monte

Don Camillo Carlo Luigi dei Principi Ruspoli was an Italian and Spanish aristocrat, son of Luigi... more »

Camillo Tarquini

Camillo Tarquini was an Italian Cardinal, Jesuit canonist and archaeologist. Tarquini entered... more »


Camillus Hone was the adopted son of P. L. Travers. more »

Camillus Costanzo

Camillus Costanzo SJ was an Italian soldier, law student and Jesuit missionary in Japan. When he... more »

Camillus de Lellis

Saint Camillus de Lellis, M.I., was an Italian priest who founded a religious Order dedicated to... more »

Camilo Alonso Vega

Camilo Alonso Vega was a Spanish military officer and minister. more »

Camilo Daza

Camilo Daza Álvarez was a Colombian aviator. He was born in Pamplona, Colombia. In 1919,/ he... more »

Camilo Ynitia

Camilo Ynitia was born in 1803, probably in the Miwok village of Olompali where his father had... more »

Campbell Christie

Campbell Christie CBE was the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress from 1986... more »

Campbell Drummond Riddell

Campbell Drummond Riddell was an Australian Colonial public servant who served as Colonial... more »

Campbell Miller

Campbell A. "Stretch" Miller was an American baseball play-by-play broadcaster for the St. Louis... more »

Campegius Vitringa

Campegius Vitringa Sr., or Kempe Vitringa was a Dutch Protestant theologian and Hebraist. His... more »

Canada Bill Jones

William "Canada Bill" Jones was a noted confidence artist, riverboat gambler and card sharp. He... more »

Canadian Presbyterian Mission

Canadian Presbyterian Mission was a Canadian Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary society... more »

Canan Ateş

Canan Ateş was the wife of Onno Tunç. more »

Candace Parker

Candace Parker was the daughter of Frank Parker. more »

Çandarlı Kara Halil Hayreddin Pasha

Çandarlı Kara Halil Hayreddin Pasha, also known as Çandarlı Halil Pasha the Elder, was the first... more »

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