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C. W. Burpo

Charles William Burpo was a nationally known radio evangelist who was heard in the USA during... more »

C. W. Deane

C. W. Deane was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. more »

C. W. H. Pauli

Zebi Nasi Hirsch Prinz in German Heinrich Prinz, and later Rev. Christian William Henry Pauli... more »

C. W. M. Hart

Charles William Merton Hart was a social anthropologist and sociologist best known for his study... more »

C. Weldon Lawrence

C. Weldon Lawrence was a Canadian politician in the Province of New Brunswick. He was born at... more »

C. X. Larrabee

Charles Xavier "C. X." Larrabee was a 19th-century businessman and a co-founder of the town of... more »

C.B. "Bud" Johnston

C.B. "Bud" Johnston Born and raised in the community of Creighton Mine near Sudbury, he attended... more »

C.B. Daniel

C.B. Daniel was the father of Brittany Daniel. more »

C.F. Theodore Steinway

Christian Friedrich Theodor Steinweg, anglicized name C.F. Theodore Steinway, piano maker, and... more »

C.G. Johannes Petersen

Carl Georg Johannes Petersen was a Danish marine biologist, especially fisheries biologist. He... more »

C.H. Watkin

C.H. Watkin was the father of Pierre Watkin. more »

C.J. Bigelow

C.J. Bigelow was the stepfather of Jackie Cooper. more »

C.K.G. Billings

Cornelius Kingsley Garrison Billings was a wealthy industrialist, a noted horseman and tycoon... more »


Cacamatzin was the king of Texcoco, the second most important city of the Aztec... more »


Cacciaguida degli Elisei was an Italian crusader, the great-great-grandfather of Dante... more »


Kak¢enthiony, also known as Red Head, was an important member of the Onondaga council, and... more »

Cäcilia Stehlin-Merian

Jüngstes Kind des Basler Ratsherrn Peter Merian und dessen Gattin Cecile Thurneysen,... more »

Cäcilia Weber

Cäcilia Cordula Stamm was the mother of Constanze Weber, wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She... more »

Cactus Pryor

Richard "Cactus" Pryor was an American broadcaster. He received his nickname after the old... more »

Cadafael Cadomedd ap Cynfeddw

Cadafael ap Cynfeddw was King of Gwynedd. He came to the throne when his predecessor, King... more »

Cadell ap Gruffydd

Cadell ap Gruffydd was prince of the Kingdom of Deheubarth in Southwest Wales. Cadell was the... more »

Cadell ap Rhodri

Cadell ap Rhodri was King of Seisyllwg, a minor kingdom in southwestern Wales, from about 872... more »


Cadenet was a Provençal troubadour who lived and wrote at the court of Raymond VI of Toulouse... more »

Cadfan ap Iago

Cadfan ap Iago was King of Gwynedd. Little is known of the history of Gwynedd from this period,... more »


Saint Cadoc was a 5th-6th century Abbot of Llancarfan, near Cowbridge in Glamorganshire, South... more »

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