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Calixto Zaldivar

Calixto O. Zaldivar was born in Pandan, Antique, Philippines. He graduated in law from the... more »


Callinicus, surnamed or nicknamed Sutorius or Suetorius, sometimes known as Kallinikos of Petra... more »


Callinicus was the exarch of Ravenna. He is called Gallicinus, or Gallicini patricii, by the... more »


Calocaerus was a Roman usurper against Emperor Constantine I. Calocaerus was Magister pecoris... more »


Saint Calocerus was a 2nd-century Christian martyr. He was probably an officer in the Roman army... more »

Calverley Bewicke

Calvery Bewicke was a commander of the Durham Militia and an MP for Winchelsea. more »

Calvert Pratt

Calvert Coates Pratt OBE was a Newfoundland businessman and a Canadian Senator. He was president... more »

Calvin B. Brown

Calvin B. Brown was the husband of Pat Crawford Brown. more »

Calvin Beale

Calvin Lunsford Beale was an American demographer who specialized in rural population trends. He... more »

Calvin Butler Hulbert

Calvin Butler Hulbert was president of Middlebury College from 1875 until 1880. As president,... more »

Calvin C. Bliss

Calvin Comins Bliss was the first Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, serving from 1864 to 1868. more »

Calvin Carrière

Calvin Carriére was a Creole fiddler who played zydeco music. He was styled the King Of Zydeco... more »

Calvin Coolidge, Jr.

Calvin Coolidge Jr. was the son of President Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace Coolidge. more »

Calvin Demarest

Calvin W. Demarest of Chicago, was a national amateur and professional carom billiards champion... more »

Calvin Duncan

Calvin L. Duncan was the first black police captain in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Duncan was born... more »

Calvin Ellis Stowe

Calvin Ellis Stowe was an American Biblical scholar who helped spread public education in the... more »

Calvin Fairbank

Calvin Fairbank was an American abolitionist and Methodist minister from New York state who was... more »

Calvin Fillmore

Calvin Fillmore was an American farmer and politician from New York. more »

Calvin Henry Hale

Calvin Henry Hale was an American settler in the Washington Territory who became involved in... more »

Calvin Ira Kephart

Colonel Calvin Ira Kephart LL.D. was an American professor of law, genealogist, historian,... more »

Calvin J. Gooding

Calvin J. Gooding was a stock trader and the former husband of LaChanze. more »

Calvin L. Noble

Calvin L. Noble, born October 13, 1813 in Trumbull County, Ohio, United States is known... more »

Calvin S. Michaux

Calvin S. Michaux was the father of Oscar Micheaux. more »

Calvin T. Chamberlain

Calvin Tibbetts Chamberlain was an American politician from New York. more »

Calvin Waters Christian

Calvin Waters Christian, of California, was a philatelist known to his fellow philatelists as... more »

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