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Dagmar Lahlum

Dagmar Mohne Hansen Lahlum was a member of the Norwegian resistance in Oslo during World War II... more »

Dagmar Lange

Dagmar Lange was a Swedish author of crime fiction under the pen name Maria Lang. She was one of... more »

Dagmar Taube

Dagmar Taube was the daughter of Clara Ohlsén and Axel Taube. more »

Dagny Bjørnson

Dagny Bjørnson was the daughter of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. more »

Dagny Bjørnson

Dagny Bjørnson was the daughter of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. more »

Dagny Haraldsen

Dagny Haraldsen var mor til dronning Sonja av Norge. Haraldsen var datter av forsikringsagent... more »

Dagny Juel

Dagny Juel-Przybyszewska was a Norwegian writer, famous for her liaisons with various prominent... more »

Dagobert Frey

Dagobert Frey was an Austrian art historian, responsible for the theft of the most valuable... more »

Dagobert II

Dagobert II was the king of Austrasia, the son of Sigebert III and Chimnechild of Burgundy. He... more »

Dagobert Peche

Dagobert Peche was an Austrian artist and metalworker designer. He joined the Wiener Werkstatte... more »

Dagobert von Gerhardt

Dagobert von Gerhardt was a German soldier, poet, and novelist. more »

Dagoberto Godoy

Dagoberto Godoy Fuentealba was a Chilean pilot and the first person to fly over the... more »

Dagpo Gomtsul

Nephew of Gampopa.  (wilie: dwags sgom tshul khrims snying po) (1116-1169) more »

Daher el-Omar

Daher el-Omar was the autonomous Arab ruler of the Galilee region during the mid-18th century... more »

Dahui Zonggao

Dahui Zonggao was a 12th-century Chinese Chan master. Dahui was a student of Yuanwu Keqin and... more »

Dai Chuanzeng

Dai Chuanzeng, was a prominent Chinese nuclear physicist who did fundamental contributions to... more »

Dai Davies

David H. Davies, known as Dai Davies, was a British trade unionist and Labour Party... more »

Dai Zhide

Dai Zhide, formally Duke Gong of Dao, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty,... more »

Dáibhí de Barra

Dáibhí de Barra was a farmer, poet, and author in the Irish language. Born in Carrigtwohill,... more »

Daikokuya Kōdayū

Daikokuya Kōdayū was a Japanese castaway who spent eleven years in Russia. His ship landed at... more »

Daisey Bailey

Daisey Bailey was an African-American supercentenarian, who at the age of 113 years and 342... more »

Daisuke Namba

Daisuke Namba was a Japanese student who tried to assassinate the Prince Regent Hirohito in... more »

Daisy Adcock

Daisy Adcock was the mother of David King-Wood. more »

Daisy Canfield Danziger

Daisy Canfield Danziger was the wife of actor and film director Antonio Moreno. more »

Daisy D'ora

Daisy D'ora was a German beauty queen, socialite and actress. Born Daisy Freiin von Freyberg zu... more »

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