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Daisy de Melker

Daisy Louisa C. De Melker simply known as Daisy de Melker, was a trained nurse who poisoned two... more »

Daisy Douglas Barr

Daisy Douglas Barr was Imperial Empress of the Indiana Women's Ku Klux Klan in the early 1920s... more »

Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin

Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin was an American suffragette, civil rights activist, organization... more »

Daisy Gilmore Backus

Daisy Gilmore Backus was the mother of Jim Backus. more »

Daisy Hannah Hill

Daisy Hannah Hill was the mother of Fred West. more »

Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson was the spouse of Victor Kilian. more »

Daisy LeSueur

Daisy LeSueur was the sister of Joan Crawford. more »

Daisy Makeig-Jones

Susannah Margaretta "Daisy" Makeig-Jones was a pottery designer for Wedgwood. She is best known... more »

Daisy Syms

Daisy Syms is the mother of Sylvia Syms. more »

Daisy Turner

Daisy Turner was born in Grafton, Vermont to Alex and Sally Turner, freed slaves. She was famous... more »

Daisy Webster

Daisy Webster was an educator, author and political figure in British Columbia. She represented... more »


Daji was a favorite concubine of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang Dynasty in... more »

Dajos Béla

Dajos Béla was a Russian violinist and band-leader. more »

Dakin of Sennar

Dakin was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sennar. He was the son of the previous ruler Nayil. more »

Dakshinaranjan Mukherjee

Raja Dakshinaranjan Mukherjee Taluqdar of the formerly confiscated taluq of Shankarpur in the... more »

Dal Millington Lemmon

Dal Millington Lemmon was a United States federal judge. Born in Newton, Kansas, Lemmon received... more »

Dala Modu Dumbuya

Dala Modu was an important Sierra Leonean Susu trader and translator between the British... more »

Dalal Mughrabi

Dalal Mughrabi was a Palestinian militant who was a member of the Fatah faction of the Palestine... more »

Dale McCord Long

Dale McCord Long was the mother of Richard Long. more »

Dale Stoffel

Dale C. Stoffel was an American businessman and arms dealer who was involved with the American... more »

Dale W. McMillen

Dale W. McMillen was a leading proponent of the use of feed supplements in animal husbandry. He... more »

Daleel bint Salman bin Mohammed

Daleel bint Salman bin Mohammed was the wife of Mishaal bin Abdul Aziz. more »

Dalibor Lipský

Dalibor Lipský was the brother of Oldřich Lipský. more »

Daligqili Mandela

Daligqili Mandela was a half-brother of Nelson Mandela. more »

Dallas B. Phemister

Dallas Burton Phemister was a U.S. surgeon. He gave his name to the Phemister graft. He was the... more »

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