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Dang Sy

Major Matthew Sy Dang, was an officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He acquired a... more »

Danger Ashipala

Ruben Michael Ningilanayi Ashipala or Danger Ashipala was a Namibian police officer, military... more »

Dangerfield Newby

Dangerfield Newby was the oldest of John Brown's raiders, one of five black raiders, and the... more »

Daniel "Tom" Thompson Nethery

Daniel "Tom" Thompson Nethery was the father of Miriam Byrd-Nethery. more »

Daniel A. Grout

Daniel Alexander Grout, was a school teacher and principal and school board administrator. more »

Daniel Albert Wyttenbach

Daniel Albert Wyttenbach was a German Swiss classical scholar. A student of Hemsterhuis,... more »

Daniel and Companions

Saint Daniel and Companions are venerated as martyrs by the Catholic Church. They were Friars... more »

Daniel Anthony

Daniel Anthony was the father of Susan B. Anthony. more »

Daniel Anthony Hart

Daniel Anthony Hart was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop of... more »

Daniel Artus

Daniel Artus is the brother of Ashley Artus more »

Daniel Auster

Daniel Auster was Mayor of Jerusalem in the final years of Mandatory Palestine, the first Jewish... more »

Daniel Axtell

Colonel Daniel Axtell was captain of the Parliamentary Guard at the trial of King Charles I at... more »

Daniel Bayne

Daniel Bayne was a Scottish born merchant and trader who came to Quebec City after the British... more »

Daniel Benoit

Daniel Benoit was the son of Chris Benoit and Nancy Daus. more »

Daniel Bigelow

Daniel Bigelow was a pioneer lawyer and politician in Olympia, Washington. more »

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop was the son of actor Ed Bishop. more »

Daniel Bomberg

Daniel Bomberg was an early printer of Hebrew language books. A Christian, born in Antwerp, he... more »

Daniel Bonifacius von Haneberg

Daniel Bonifacius von Haneberg was a German Catholic bishop and orientalist. more »

Daniel Bravo Jiménez

Daniel Bravo Jimenez was the father of mexican soccer player Omar Bravo. more »

Daniel Bremer Juell

Daniel Bremer Juell was a Norwegian clergyman and politician. more »

Daniel Brendel von Homburg

Daniel Brendel of Homburg was the Archbishop-Elector of Mainz from 1555 to 1582. more »

Daniel Brottier

The Blessed Daniel Jules Alexis Brottier, C.S.Sp., was a French Roman Catholic priest in the... more »

Daniel Burckhardt

Als Sohn des Basler Bandfabrikanten Daniel Burckhardt-Thurneysen wuchs D. B.-W größtenteils im... more »

Daniel Burgess

Daniel Burgess was an English Presbyterian divine. more »

Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke was an American television executive. more »

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