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E. A. Belyaev

E. A. Belyaev was an Islamic scholar and a prominent Soviet Islamist and member of the Institute... more »

E. A. H. Blunt

Edward Arthur Henry Blunt, B.A., I.C.S. was a British civil servant and writer. more »

E. Albert Reilly

Edward Albert Reilly was a lawyer and political figure in New Brunswick. He represented the City... more »

E. Alexander Powell

E. Alexander Powell was an American war correspondent during World War I and author. He... more »

E. Antonio Romero

E. Antonio Romero was a Guatemalan philosopher, historian and writer. more »

E. Arnot Robertson

Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson was a British novelist, critic and broadcaster. more »

E. B. Grandin

Egbert Bratt Grandin was a printer in Palmyra, New York, known for publishing the first edition... more »

E. B. Powell

Eyre Burton Powell CSI was a legendary British educationist who served as the first Principal of... more »

E. Bertram Mott

Elias Bertram Mott was an American Republican Party politician who served as Chairman of the New... more »

E. C. Banfield

E. C. Banfield was a New Hampshire lawyer who served as Solicitor of the United States Treasury. more »

E. C. Buley

Ernest Charles Buley was an Australian journalist and author. His best selling book was entitled... more »

E. C. R. Lorac

Edith Caroline Rivett was a British crime writer. She was born in Hendon, Middlesex. She... more »

E. D. A. Morshead

Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead was an English classicist and teacher. more »

E. E. Gostelow

Ebenezer Edward Gostelow was an Australian painter of flowers, birds and butterflies. more »

E. E. Jones

Edmund Evans Jones was an American football coach. He served as the head coach at the University... more »

E. E. Speight

Ernest Edwin Speight, usually known as E E Speight, was a Yorkshireman who travelled in Japan... more »

E. F. Phillips

Everett Franklin Phillips was a renowned American apiculturist, scholar, and innovator in the... more »

E. Frederic Morrow

E. Frederic Morrow was the first African American to hold an executive position at the White... more »

E. G. Schroeder

Ernest Gustav “Dad” Schroeder was an athletic director for the University of Iowa for 11 years... more »

E. G. Sewell

Everest George "E. G." Sewell is a former Mayor of Miami. E. G. and his brother, John Sewell... more »

E. H. Wehnert

Edward Henry Wehnert was an English-born painter of landscape, genre and historical subjects,... more »

E. Harold Munn

Earle Harold Munn, also known as E. Harold Munn, was a United States politician and a longtime... more »

E. Henry Powell

E. Henry Powell was a Vermont veteran of the Civil War and politician who served as State Auditor. more »

E. Henry Wemme

E. Henry Wemme was a wealthy businessman in Portland, in the U.S. state of Oregon. He was an... more »

E. J. Flanagan

E. J. Flanagan was a member of the Washington State Senate. more »

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