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Halszka Kochanowska

Halszka Kochanowska was a daughter of Jan Kochanowski. more »

Haluk Fikret

Haluk Fikret was the son of Tevfik Fikret. more »

Halvard Grude Forfang

Halvard Grude Forfang was a Norwegian educator. He was born in Bærum as a son of chemical... more »

Halvdan Wexelsen Freihow

Halvdan Wexelsen Freihow was a Norwegian priest and culturist. He was born in Tana, and... more »

Halvor Bache Guldahl

Halvor Bache Guldahl was a Norwegian jurist, businessman and County Governor of... more »

Halvor Heyerdahl Rasch

Halvor Heyerdahl Rasch was a Norwegian zoologist. He was born in Eidsberg. He was a professor of... more »

Halvor Midtbø

Halvor Midtbø was a Norwegian priest and temperance activist. He was a member of the central... more »

Halvor Olsen Folkestad

Halvor Olsen Folkestad was a Norwegian temporarily appointed councillor of state in interim in... more »

Halvor Saamundsen

Halvor Saamundsen was a Norwegian politician for the Communist Party. He was a manual laborer by... more »

Ham Avery

Charles Hammond "Ham" Avery was an American lawyer, in his youth a college baseball pitcher and... more »

Hama Yokomizo

Hama Yokomizo was the mother of Seishi Yokomizo. more »

Hamada Kagetaka

Hamada Kagetaka was a samurai of the late Sengoku period of Japanese history, who served as a... more »

Hamao Arata

Viscount Hamao Arata was a Japanese politician and educator of the Meiji period, originally... more »


Hamastegh was a poet and writer of the Armenian diaspora. Hamastegh was born and spent his... more »

Hambardzum Arakelian

Hambardzum Arakelian was an Armenian journalist, writer and public activist, the founder of The... more »

Hamble James Leacock

Hamble James Leacock was an African missionary. He was born in Barbados, where his father was a... more »

Hamdamsaltaneh Pahlavi

Hamdamsaltaneh Pahlavi was the first child and daughter of Rezā Shāh of Iran and Maryam Khanum... more »

Hamdi Lembarki

Hamdi Lembarki was a Sahrawi man killed by Moroccan police after a demonstration in El Aaiun,... more »

Hameeduddin Aqil

Hameeduddin Husami Husammi, Urdu: حميد الدين‎, was an Indian Muslim religious scholar followed... more »

Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey

Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey was an English nobleman who was prominent at the courts of... more »

Hamid Al-Ghazali

Hamid Al-Ghazali was the son of Al-Ghazali. more »

Hamid bin Abdur Rahman

Hamid bin Abdur Rahman was the son of Abdel Rahman bin Awf. more »

Hamida Barmaki

Prof. Hamida Barmaki was a renowned Afghan law professor and human rights activist. She was... more »

Hamida bint Abdur Rahman

Hamida bint Abdur Rahman was the daughter of Abdel Rahman bin Awf. more »

Hamida Djandoubi

Hamida Djandoubi was the last person to be guillotined in France, at Baumettes Prison in... more »

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