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I Gusti Nyoman Lempad

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad was known as a Balinese stone sculptor and architect who built the palaces... more »

I Gusti Putu Martha

I Gusti Putu Martha was the governor of the Indonesian island of Bali from 1965 until 1967. more »

I. C. Chacko, Illiparambil

Illiparambil Corah Chacko was an eminent geologist, philologist, writer and grammarian of... more »

I. C. Frimu

Ion Costache Frimu was a Romanian socialist militant and politician, a leading member of the... more »

I. E. S. Edwards

Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards CBE, FBA — known as I. E. S. Edwards— was an English... more »

I. F. Hellmuth

Isidore Frederick Hellmuth was the first champion of what became the Canadian National Tennis... more »

I. M. Ibrahim

Dr. I.M. Ibrahim, otherwise known as "Coach I," was the head coach of the Clemson University... more »

I. Madison Bentley

Isaac Madison Bentley was an American psychologist. more »

Ia of Cornwall

Saint Ia of Cornwall was a Cornish evangelist and martyr of the 5th or 6th centuries. She is... more »

Iachim Grosul

Iachim Sergheevici Grosul was a Moldovan scientist, and the first president of the Academy of... more »

Iacob Pistiner

Jacob Pistiner was a Romanian politician and lawyer. He was born in Chernivtsi, 1882, then part... more »

Iacopo IV Appiani

Iacopo IV Appiani was an Italian condottiero and lord of Piombino of the Appiani dynasty in the... more »

Iacopo V Appiani

Iacopo V Appiani was the lord of Piombino of the Appiani dynasty from 1511 until his death. He... more »

Iago ab Idwal

Iago ab Idwal was a King of Gwynedd and possibly Powys. Iago was the son of the earlier King... more »

Iago ab Idwal ap Meurig

Iago ab Idwal ap Meurig was a Prince of Gwynedd. He was also referred to as "King of the... more »

Iago ap Beli

Iago ap Beli was King of Gwynedd. Little is known of him or his kingdom from this early era,... more »

Iain Macnab

Iain MacNab of Barachastlain was a Scottish wood-engraver and painter. As a prominent teacher he... more »

Iain Noble

Sir Iain Andrew Noble, 3rd Baronet of Ardkinglas and Eilean Iarmain was a businessman, landowner... more »

Iakob Nikoladze

Iakob Nikoladze was a Georgian sculptor and artist. He is perhaps best known as the designer of... more »

Iakovos Tombazis

Iakovos "Yiakoumakis" Tombazis was a merchant and ship-owner from the Greek island of Hydra who... more »

Ian Bargh

Ian Martin Bargh was a Scottish born Canadian jazz pianist and composer. more »

Ian Buist

John Latto Farquharson Buist CB, referred to as Ian Buist was a British diplomat who worked in... more »

Ian Campbell Dunn

Ian Campbell Dunn was a gay rights campaigner who lived and worked in Scotland. more »

Ian Carroll

Ian Carroll was the husband of Geraldine Doogue. more »

Ian Catford

John "Ian" Catford was a Scottish linguist and phonetician of worldwide renown. more »

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