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Ō no Yasumaro

Ō no Yasumaro was a Japanese nobleman, bureaucrat, and chronicler. He may have been the son of Ō... more »

O Yun-gyeom

O Yun-gyeom was a scholar-official and Prime Minister of the Joseon Dynasty Korea. He was also... more »

O. Barlow Willmarth

O. Barlow Willmarth, was the president of the Colorado Carnotite Company. The company was... more »

O. C. Barber

Ohio Columbus Barber was an American businessman, industrialist and philanthropist. He was... more »

O. C. Hackett

Oliver Cromwell Hackett was born March 29, 1822 in Scott County Kentucky. His father was John... more »

O. G. S. Crawford

Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford was an English archaeologist and a pioneer in the use of aerial... more »

O. H. Adsit

Ohlin H. Adsit was an Alaskan broker and politician, including mayor of Juneau, Alaska from 1902... more »

O. H. E. Burmester

Oswald Hugh Ewart KHS-Burmester was a British specialist in Arabic Coptology. He is best known... more »

O. H. Irish

Orsamus H. Irish was an official in the United States Department of the Treasury who served as... more »

O. Kolachinska

O. Kolachinska was a mother of Mykola Vorony. more »

O. Milton Gossett

Oscar Milton Gossett was an advertising executive with Compton Advertising and Saatchi &... more »

O. P. Hoff

Ole P. Hoff was a Norwegian-American Republican politician and the first commissioner of labor... more »

O. Roy Chalk

Oscar Roy Chalk was a New York entrepreneur who owned real estate, airlines, bus companies,... more »

O. S. Nock

Oswald Stevens Nock, usually known as O.S. Nock, was a British railway author and signal... more »

O. T. Jones, Sr.

Reverend Ozro Thurston Jones Sr. was a Pentecostal - Holiness denomination leader and minister,... more »

O. Thanikachalam Chetti

O. Thanikachalam Chetti was an Indian lawyer and politician who is considered to be one of the... more »

O. W. Tancock

Osborne William Tancock was an English clergyman, headmaster, and author. At Oxford he was... more »

O.Worsham Rudd ,Jr.

O.Worsham Rudd ,Jr. was the husband of Julia Meade. more »

Oakes Angier Ames

Oakes Angier Ames was a wealthy industrialist and philanthropist in the Ames family of North... more »

Oakleigh Thorne

W.O.S. Thorne, more generally known as Oakleigh Thorne, was a publisher of tax guides who also... more »

Oakley G. Kelly

Oakley George Kelly was a record setting pilot for the United States Army Air Service. more »

Oba Chandler

Oba Chandler was an American murderer who was executed by lethal injection for the June 1989... more »

Ōba Kagechika

Ōba Kagechika, also known as Ōba Saburō Kagechika, was a samurai of Japan's Heian period. The... more »

Obadiah Bush

Obadiah Newcomb Bush was an American prospector and businessman. He is an ancestor of the Bush... more »

Obadiah Grew

Obadiah Grew was an English nonconformist minister. more »

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