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Raimundo Díaz Pacheco

Comandante Raimundo Díaz Pacheco was a political activist and the Treasurer General of the... more »

Raimundo Diosdado Caballero

Raimundo Diosdado Caballero was a Catholic miscellaneous writer, chiefly ecclesiastical. Born at... more »

Raimundo Nonato

Raimundo Nonato, a transvesti, was killed in an attack by Hermano Sabino Vieira, who used... more »

Rainald of Abingdon

Rainald was a prominent Abbot of Abingdon. Rainald was a former monk of Jumièges who was King... more »

Rainald of Urslingen

Rainald of Urslingen was the son of Conrad of Urslingen and Duke of Spoleto from 1223 to... more »

Rainerio Sacchoni

Rainerio Sacchoni was a learned and zealous Italian Dominican. more »


Saint Rainerius is the patron saint of Pisa and of travellers. His feast day is June 17. His... more »

Rainey Bethea

Rainey Bethea was the last person to be publicly executed in the United States. Bethea, who was... more »

Rainulf Trincanocte

Rainulf II, called Trincanocte, was the fourth Count of Aversa, the cousin and nephew... more »

Rainulphe d'Osmond

Charles Eustache Gabriel, known as Rainulphe d'Osmond, count then 5th Marquis of Osmond. He was... more »

Rais Ali Delvari

Rais Ali Delvari was an independence fighter and anti-British colonialism activist now... more »

Raisa Blokh

Raisa Noevna Blokh was a Russian poet. She emigrated to Berlin in the 1920s where she was active... more »

Raisal of Khandela

Raja Raisal, reigned 1584 to 1614, He married Chauhan Rajput Princess Kisnavati Nirban, the only... more »

Raj Bahadur Upadhyay

Raj Bahadur Upadhyay was the father of Rajesh Vivek. more »

Raj Kishore Kesri

Raj Kishore Kesri was an Indian politician from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar. He was... more »

Raj Vir Singh Yadav

Professor Raj Vir Singh Yadav, commonly known as Dr RVS Yadav, was a surgeon and a pioneer in... more »

Raja Haji Fisabilillah

Raja Haji Fisabilillah was a Bugis warrior, and also the Yang Dipertuan Muda of the Johor... more »

Raja Jagat Singh

Raja Jagat Singh Pathania succeeded Suraj Mal as the king of Dhameri in present-day Himachal,... more »

Raja Kesavadas

Raja Kesavadas was the Dewan of Travancore during the reign of Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal... more »

Raja Rajeswara Sethupathi

Raja Rajeswara Sethupathi was the Raja of Ramnad from 1903 to 1929. He was the son of the... more »

Raja Ram Jat

Raja Ram was a Jat leader and organizer of rebellion for freedom against Aurangzeb. He was... more »

Raja Sajjawal Khan

Zaildar Raja Sajawal Khan of Mehmunpur was the son of Raja Diwan Khan. He was the first Muslim... more »

Raja Tendulkar

Raja Tendulkar was the son of Vijay Tendulkar. more »

Rajadiraja Chola II

Rajadhiraja Chola II reigned as the Chola king succeeding Rajaraja Chola II. He was not the... more »

Rajani Phule

Rajani Phule was the wife of Nilu Phule. more »

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