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Ryan Shealy

Ryan C. Shealy was an American politician from South Carolina. Born in Leesville, South... more »

Ryhor Reles

Ryhor Reles, a Jewish-Belarusian writer, was one of the last writers in Belarus that wrote in... more »

Ryk Tulbagh

Ryk or "Rijk" Tulbagh was Governor of the Cape Colony from 27 February 1751 to 11 August 1771... more »

Ryland H. New

Ryland Herbert New was a Canadian businessman and owner of thoroughbred racehorses who twice won... more »


Ryngold or Rimgaudas was a mythological Grand Duke of Lithuania from the Palemonids legends and... more »


Ryōgen was a chief abbot of Enryaku-Temple in the 10th century, and the founder of the tradition... more »

Ryōichi Kuroda

Ryōichi Kuroda was a Japanese jurist and politician from Suita, Osaka. more »

Ryōji Uehara

Ryōji Uehara was a flight captain of the Imperial Japanese Army and was killed in action as a... more »

Ryoju Kikuchi

Ryoju Kikuchi was a Buddhist priestess and great philosopher. She stated that one of the... more »

Ryszard Białous

Ryszard Białous codename: Jerzy was a Polish scoutmaster captain of the AK-Szare Szeregi... more »

Ryszard Cieślak

Ryszard Cieślak was the brother of Violetta Villas. more »

Ryszard Kukliński

Ryszard Jerzy Kukliński was a Polish colonel and Cold War spy for NATO. He passed top secret... more »

Ryszard Torzecki

Ryszard Torzecki was a Polish historian, specializing in the Polish-Ukrainian relations. He was... more »

Ryszard Wincenty Berwiński

Ryszard Wincenty Berwiński was a noted Polish poet, translator, folklorist, and... more »

Ryuichi Fukui

Ryuichi Fukui is the brother of Japanese baseball player Yuya Fukui. more »

Ryuji Fujita

Ryuji Fujita was a Japanese artist. He was born in Hōhoku. In 1936 he won a bronze medal in the... more »

Ryumyo Tsunawaki

Ryūmyō Tsunawaki January 24, 1876 - December 5, 1970 was a Buddhist priest who established a... more »

Ryūtarō Nagai

Ryūtarō Nagai, was a politician and cabinet minister in the Empire of Japan, serving a member of... more »

Ryuzoji Iekane

류조지 이에카네는 센고쿠 시대의 무장이다. 히젠 국의 센고쿠 다이묘로, 미즈가에 성 성주이다. 호는 강충. more »

Ryuzoji Masaie

류조지 마사이에는 센고쿠 시대 말기 규슈의 다이묘로, 히젠 7군 32만 석을 다스린 류조지가의 마지막 당주이다. more »

Ryūzōji Tanehide

Ryūzōji Tanehide was a retainer of the Japanese Shōni clan during the Sengoku Period of the 16th... more »

Rædwulf of Northumbria

Rædwulf was king of Northumbria for a short time. His descent is not known, but it is possible... more »

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