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Raden Muhammad Yunus

Raden Muhammad Yunus was the father of Pati Unus. more »

Raden Rangga Prawiradirjo III

Raden Rangga Prawiradirjo III was the father of R.A. Maduretno and father in law of Diponegoro. more »

Raden Tumenggung Natawijaya III

Raden Tumenggung Natawijaya III was the father of Raden Ajeng Supadmi and father in law of... more »

Raden Tumenggung Ronggo Parwirosentiko

Raden Tumenggung Ronggo Parwirosentiko was the father of Raden Ayu Citrawati and father in law... more »

Raden Tumenggung Sumoprawiro

Raden Tumenggung Sumoprawiro was the father of Raden Ayu Ratnaningsih and father in law of... more »

Radha Vinod Raju

Radhavinod Raju officer. He joined the police service in 1975 as Jammu and Kashmir cadre batch... more »


Radhabai was the mother of Anabheri Prabhakar Rao. more »

Radhabai Subbarayan

Kailash Radhabai Subbarayan, nee Kudmul was an Indian politician, women's rights activist and... more »

Radhamohana Thakura

Rādhāmohana Thākur was a Vaishnava guru. He was born in Malihati, Bardhaman and was the... more »


Radhikabai was the daughter of Sardar Gupte of Nashik, Maharashtra, India, a Tipnis of Baji Rao... more »

Radie Britain

Radie Britain was an American pianist, writer, music educator and composer. more »

Radim Drejsl

Radim Drejsl was a Czech composer, pianist and conductor. He is considered an important composer... more »

Radim Gaudentius

Radim Gaudentius was Archbishop of Gniezno and the first Polish archbishop. Radim was an... more »

Radivoje Janković

Adjutant general Radivoje Janković was a general of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. 17 Apr 1936 - 22... more »

Radlett murder

The Radlett murder, also known as the Elstree murder, was a murder in Radlett, Hertfordshire,... more »

Radnóti Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa Radnóti was the wife of István Örkény. more »

Radoald of Benevento

Radoald was the duke of Benevento from 646 to his death in 651. His elder brother, Aiulf was... more »

Radu Brâncoveanu

Radu Brâncoveanu was the son of Constantin Brâncoveanu. more »

Radu G. Vlădescu

Radu G. Vlădescu, a Romanian professor born in Buzău, taught at the Faculty of Veterinary... more »

Radu Negru

Radu Negru also known as Radu Vodă, Radu Negru, or Negru Vodă, was a legendary ruler of... more »

Radu Timofte

Alexandru-Radu Timofte was a Romanian soldier, politician and spy chief. A member of the Social... more »

Radulf Novell

Radulf Novell was a 12th-century Anglo-Norman prelate. He was a native of York, and according to... more »

Radulf of Brechin

Radulphus or simply Ralph was an early 13th-century bishop of Brechin, Scotland. He was elected... more »

Radulph of Rivo

Radulph of Rivo was a Dutch Roman Catholic historian and liturgist. more »

Rae Luckock

Margaret Rae Morrison Luckock known as Rae Luckock was a feminist, social justice activist,... more »

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