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Rae Max

Rae Max was the wife of Hank Mann. more »

Raeme Dorene Patterson

Raeme Dorene Patterson was the daughter of Paula Raymond. more »

Rafael Arnáiz Barón

Rafael Arnáiz Barón, is a Spanish saint of the Roman Catholic Church. He was a Trappist... more »

Rafael Casanova

Rafael Casanova i Comes was a Catalan jurist, supporter of the Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor as... more »

Rafael Closas Cendre

Rafael Closas Cendre is the father of Alberto Closas. more »

Rafael Coello Ramos

Rafael Coello, was the founder of Orquesta Verdi. "Al Pino" "A Gutemberg" "Duelo Nacional "Ave... more »

Rafael Cordero

Rafael Cordero, known as "The Father of Public Education in Puerto Rico", was a self-educated... more »

Rafael Correa Icaza

Rafael Correa Icaza was the father of Rafael Correa. more »

Rafael de Amat y de Cortada

Rafael de Amat i de Cortada, popularly known as Baron of Malda, was a Catalan writer. He wrote a... more »

Rafael de Floranes

Rafael de Floranes or Floranes Rafael Velez of oaks was a Spanish historian, jurist and writer. more »

Rafael de la Barra López

Rafael de la Barra López was a Chilean lawyer and politician. He was born in Santiago in 1810... more »

Rafael de Sobremonte, 3rd Marquis of Sobremonte

Don Rafael de Sobremonte y Núñez del Castillo, 3rd Marquis of Sobremonte, third Marquis of... more »

Rafael Fernández Álvarez

Rafael Luis Fernández Álvarez was a Spanish politician and former political exile. Fernández... more »

Rafael Ferrer

Rafael Ferrer was a Spanish Jesuit missionary and explorer. more »

Rafael Gambra Ciudad

Rafael Gambra Ciudad was a Spanish philosopher and professor. He studied at the Colegio del... more »

Rafael García Valiño

Rafael García Valiño was a Spanish Army Officer who participated in the Spanish Civil War. more »

Rafael Garzón

Rafael Garzón was a Spanish photographer born in Granada in 1863 and died in 1923. His studio... more »

Rafaël Govertsz Camphuysen

Rafaël Govertsz Camphuysen, was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter. more »

Rafael Guízar Valencia

Rafael Guízar y Valencia was a Mexican Catholic bishop who cared for the wounded, sick, and... more »

Rafael Ishkhanyan

Rafael Ishkhanyan or Ishkhanian was an Armenian philologist and historian. He was a professor of... more »

Rafael Juliá

Rafael Juliá was the younger brother of actor Raúl Juliá. more »

Rafael Manchola

Rafael Antonio Manchola was a politician and military officer in Mexican Texas. He twice served... more »

Rafael Maroto

Rafael Maroto Yserns was a Spanish general, known both for his involvement on the Spanish side... more »

Rafael Mascarenhas

Rafael Mascarenhas was the youngest son of Cissa Guimarães. more »

Rafael Masó i Valentí

Rafael Masó i Valentí was one of the most outstanding Catalan architects of the early 20th... more »

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