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Rafael Medina y Fernandez de Cordoba, Duke of Feria and Marquis of Villalba

Rafael Medina y Fernandez de Cordoba, Duke of Feria and Marquis of Villalba was the spouse of... more »

Rafael Montoro

Rafael Montoro was a Spanish politician, lawyer, historian, writer and literary critic. more »

Rafael Muñoz

Rafael Muñoz was a Puerto Rican contra bass musician and big band director . Muñoz was chosen to... more »

Rafael Muñoz Núñez

Rafael Muñoz Núñez was the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aguascalientes in Mexico... more »

Rafael Nieto Abeillé

Rafael Nieto Abeillé, born in Cuba and educated in Spain, while serving as a prosecutor in... more »

Rafael Pineda Ponce

Rafael Pineda Ponce was a Honduran professor and politician in the Liberal Party of Honduras and... more »

Rafael Rodríguez Mohedano

Rafael Rodríguez Mohedano was a Spanish Franciscan, historian and writer. more »

Rafael Sánchez Guerra

Rafael Sánchez-Guerra was President of Real Madrid between 1935 and 1936. His presidency... more »

Rafael Sánchez Mazas

Rafael Sánchez Mazas was a Spanish nationalist writer and a leader of the Falange, a right-wing... more »

Rafael Valentín Errázuriz

Rafael Valentín Errázuriz Urmeneta was a Chilean politician and diplomat. Rafael Errázuriz was... more »

Rafael Vergara

Rafael Vergara was the brother of Sofía Vergara. more »

Rafaela Herrera

Rafaela de Herrera y Torreynosa was the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Don José de Herrera y... more »

Rafaela Ybarra de Vilallonga

Rafaela Ybarra de Vilallonga was a member of Bilbao's 19th century wealthy gentry and mother to... more »

Rafał of Tarnów

Rafał of Tarnów was a Polish nobleman. Rafał was the owner of Tarnów and Wielowieś estates and... more »

Rafał Taubenschlag

Rafał Taubenschlag was a Polish historian of law, a specialist in Roman law and papyrology. more »

Raffaele Bendandi

Raffaele Bendandi was an Italian clockmaker known for his predictions of earthquakes. Bendandi... more »

Raffaele Cantoni

Raffaele Cantoni was an anti-fascist Italian Jew who is best known for his efforts, perhaps... more »

Raffaele De Grada

Raffaele De Grada was an Italian painter. more »

Raffaele Fiorini

Raffaele Fiorini, was an influential Italian violin maker. Innovator, personality and pioneer of... more »

Raffaele Garrucci

Raffaele Garrucci was a historian of Christian art. He belonged to a wealthy family, entered the... more »

Raffaele Menconi

Raffaele Menconi was an Italian sculptor who established a practice in New York City with his... more »

Raffaele Mirate

Raffaele Mirate was a celebrated Italian operatic tenor who had an active career from the 1830s... more »

Raffaele Monaco La Valletta

Raffaele Monaco La Valletta S.T.D. J.U.D. was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church who served... more »

Raffaele Pettazzoni

Raffaele Pettazzoni was a historian of Italian religion. He was one of the first academics to... more »

Raffaele Piria

Raffaele Piria, an Italian chemist from Scilla, lived in Palmi, who converted the substance... more »

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