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S V S Rama Rao

Seelamsetty Venkata Sri Rama Rao was an art director and producer of Telugu films. He was one of... more »

S. A. von Rottemburg

S. A. von Rottemburg was a German entomologist in the 18th century. Little is known about him by... more »

S. Anantharamakrishnan

Sivasailam Anantharamakrishnan, affectionately called "J" was an Indian industrialist and... more »

S. Drummond Wolff

Stanley Drummond Wolff was an English organist, choirmaster, composer, and music educator who... more »

S. Guptan Nair

S. Guptan Nair was a well known Malayalam writer, critic, scholar and educationist. He had... more »

S. J. Rutgers

Sebald Justin Rutgers was a Dutch Marxist theoretician and journalist who played an important... more »

S. K. Rudra

Susil Kumar Rudra was an Indian educationist and associate of Mahatma Gandhi and C. F. Andrews... more »

S. L. Silam

Sayaji Laxman Silam was First Lt. Governor of Puducherry Union Territory in India. He was... more »

S. M. I. Henry

Sarepta Myrenda Irish Henry was a Woman's Christian Temperance Union leader. In her last years... more »

S. M. Shirokogoroff

Sergei Mikhailovich Shirokogoroff was a Russian anthropologist. A White émigré, he lived in... more »

S. Mahadeva

Suppiramaniam Mahadeva was a leading Ceylon Tamil civil engineer and Director of the Public... more »

S. Nelson Gerber

S. Nelson Gerber was the father of Neva Gerber. more »

S. Nihal Singh Puri

S. Nihal Singh Puri was the father of Madan Puri and Amrish Puri. more »

S. P. Narasimhalu Naidu

Salem Pagadala Narasimhalu Naidu was a Tamil Congressman, social worker, publisher and the first... more »

S. P. Natsarenus

S. P. Natsarenus was a Russian Bolshevik military officer. He was Military Commissar... more »

S. Parthasarathi Ayyangar

S. Parthasarathi Ayyangar was a lawyer and police commissioner in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. more »

S. Price Gilbert

Stirling Price Gilbert, Sr. was a lawyer and justice in Georgia. more »

S. R. Rana

Sardar Singh Rewabhai Rana, often abbreviated 'S.R. Rana', was an Indian political activist,... more »

S. Rangaswami Iyengar

Srinivasa Raghavaiyangar Rangaswami Iyengar was an Indian lawyer and journalist who served as... more »

S. Samuel DiFalco

S. Samuel DiFalco was a New York Supreme Court Justice and surrogate court judge. Born in Italy,... more »

S. Satthianadhan

Samuel Satthianadhan was an Indian writer, educationist and social reformer. more »

S. T. Gill

S. T. Gill, also known by his signature S.T.G., was an English-born Australian artist. Gill was... more »

S. Wesley Clark

S. Wesley Clark was a politician in South Dakota, United States. more »

S.H. de Roos

Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos, better known as S.H. de Roos, was a Dutch type designer, book cover... more »

S.S. Pierce

Samuel Stillman Pierce was a grocer in Boston, Massachusetts, who established the S.S. Pierce... more »

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