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U Khandi

U Khandi was a Burmese hermit known for his works on Buddhist pagodas and other religious... more »

U of Goryeo

U of Goryeo 우, often written Woo, ruled Goryeo from 1374 until 1388. more »

U Ottama

Sayadaw U Ottama was a Burmese Theravada Buddhist monk, author and a leader of the Burmese... more »

U. A. Beeran

U. A. Beeran was an Indian politician from Kottakkal, Kerala. He was affiliated to the Indian... more »

U. J. Puckett

Utley J. Puckett, best known as U. J. Puckett, was an American professional pocket billiards player. more »

U. V. Koren

Ulrik Vilhelm Koren was a Norwegian-American author, theologian and church leader. A pioneer... more »

U. V. Swaminatha Iyer

U. V. Swaminatha Iyer, 1855–1942 C.E., was a Tamil scholar and researcher who was instrumental... more »

Uatu mac Áedo

Uatu mac Áedo was a King of Connacht from the Uí Briúin branch of the Connachta. He was the son... more »

Ubaidullah Al Ubaidi Suhrawardy

Ubaidullah Al Ubaidi Suhrawardy was an educationist and writer, was born in the famous... more »


Ubald of Gubbio was a medieval bishop of Gubbio, in Umbria, today venerated as a saint by the... more »

Ubaldo Giraldi

Ubaldo Giraldi, also known by the Latin name Ubaldus A Sancto Cajetano, was an Italian canonist. more »

Ubaldo I Visconti

Ubaldo I Visconti was the de jure overlord of the Giudicato of Cagliari from 1217. He was a... more »

Ubaldo of Gallura

Ubaldo II Visconti, son of Lamberto di Eldizio and Elena de Lacon, was the Judge of Gallura from... more »

Ubay ibn Ka'b

Ubay ibn Ka'b, also known as Abu Mundhir, was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a... more »

Ubay ibn Khalaf

Ubay ibn Khalaf was a non-Muslim who was a contemporary and an enemy of Muhammad. more »

Ubayd Allah ibn al-Habhab

Obeid Allah ibn al-Habhab al-Mawsili was an important Umayyad official in Egypt from 724 to 734,... more »

Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh

Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh was one of the four monotheistic hanifs mentioned by Ibn Ishaq, the others... more »

Ubaydah ibn al-Harith

Ubaydah ibn al-Harith a companion of Muhammad. Ubaydah was the son of Al-Harith ibn... more »

Ubaydullah ibn Abdullah

Ubaydullah ibn Abdullah was the son of Abd Allah ibn Abbas. more »

Ubbe Ragnarsson

Ubbe, Ubba or Hubba Ragnarsson was a Norse leader during the Viking Age. Ubbe Ragnarsson was one... more »

Ubbo Emmius

Ubbo Emmius was a German historian and geographer. more »

Uber Trujillo

Uber Trujillo was the son of Griselda Blanco and Carlos Trujillo. more »

Ubertino I da Carrara

Ubertino I da Carrara, called Novello and better known as Ubertinello, was the Lord of Padua... more »

Ubertino of Casale

Ubertino of Casale was an Italian Franciscan and one of the leaders of the Spirituals, the... more »

Ubi Dwyer

Bill 'Ubi' Dwyer or William Ubique Dwyer was an anarchist activist in New Zealand, Australia,... more »

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