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W A von Keisenberg

William Arthur Leopold von Keisenberg was New Zealand's third Chief Censor, a position he held... more »

W. A. Boyle

William Anthony "Tony" Boyle was president of the United Mine Workers of America union from 1963... more »

W. A. Camps

William Anthony Camps was a British classical scholar, and also served as Master of Pembroke... more »

W. A. Ginn

William Arthur Ginn was twice mayor of Ashland, Kentucky. During his terms he also worked for... more »

W. A. H. Rushton

William Albert Hugh Rushton FRS was professor of Physiology at Trinity College, Cambridge. His... more »

W. A. R. Goodwin

The Reverend Dr. William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin was the rector of Bruton Parish Church who... more »

W. A. Storey

William A. Storey was the mayor of Portland, Oregon, United States from 1899 to 1900. He later... more »

W. Allen Pepper, Jr.

W. Allen Pepper, Jr. was a United States federal judge. Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, Pepper... more »

W. Allison Sweeney

William Allison Sweeney was an American newspaper writer, editor, and owner, poet, and author of... more »

W. Alton Jones

W. Alton Jones, who served as president of the oil and gas conglomerate Cities Service Company,... more »

W. B. Scarth

William Blakeman Scarth was a politician in Manitoba, Canada. He served in the Legislative... more »

W. B. Young

William Brewitt Young was born in Ardrossan and was a Scottish and East African rugby football... more »

W. Boyd Hornidge

W. Boyd Hornidge was a British trade unionist. Born in London, Hornidge left school before the... more »

W. C. Hopkinson

William Charles Hopkinson was an Indian Police officer and later an immigration inspector in the... more »

W. Charles Redding

W. Charles Redding is credited as being the "father" of organizational communication. Redding... more »

W. D. H. Baillie

William Douglas Hall Baillie was a New Zealand politician. He was known as W. D. H. Baillie and... more »

W. D. Jones

William Daniel Jones was a member of the Barrow Gang, whose spree throughout the southern... more »

W. Dennis Kendig

Walter Dennis Kendig was a Virginia physician and briefly a Democratic State Senator. more »

W. E. Adams

William Edwin Adams was an English Radical and journalist. Adams was born in Cheltenham,... more »

W. E. Anderson

Dr W. E. Anderson was a Canadian doctor and antiquarian. Anderson was born in Ontario, Canada... more »

W. F. Jackson Knight

William Francis Jackson Knight was an English classical scholar. Knight "loved Virgil, and he... more »

W. F. Jackson Knight

William Francis Jackson Knight was an English classical scholar. Knight "loved Virgil, and he... more »

W. Graham Claytor

William Graham Claytor, of Roanoke, Virginia, was the vice president of Appalachian Power... more »

W. H. Bannard

William Heath Bannard was an American football player and coach. He served as the fifth head... more »

W. H. Berry

William Henry Berry, always billed as W. H. Berry, was an English comic actor. After learning... more »

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