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Xälil of Kazan

Xalil was the khan of Kazan Khanate in 1463-1467. He was the eldest son of khan Maxmud. He... more »

Xantes Mariales

Xantes Mariales was an Italian Dominican theologain. more »


Xanthippe is the wife of Socrates and mother of his three children, Lamprocles (named for her... more »

Xaquín Lorenzo Fernández

Xaquín Lorenzo Fernández, Xocas, was born on June 23, 1907 in Ourense; and he died there the... more »

Xavier Barbier de Montault

Xavier Barbier de Montault was a French writer on Catholic Church history, liturgy and antiquities. more »

Xavier Brasseur

François Xavier Brasseur was a Luxembourgian politician and jurist. Brasseur was educated at the... more »

Xavier Chamorro Cardenal

Xzavier Chamorro Cardenal, a Nicaraguan, was editor of El Nuevo Diario, a Nicaraguan newspaper... more »

Xavier Coppolani

Xavier Coppolani was a French military and colonial leader, who was instrumental in the colonial... more »

Xavier de Mérode

Xavier de Mérode was a Belgian prelate, archbishop and statesman of the Papal states. more »

Xavier Forneret

Xavier Forneret was a French writer; poet, playwright and journalist. more »

Xavier Galezowski

Xavier Galezowski was a Franco-Polish ophthalmologist who was one of the first clinical... more »

Xavier Guichard

Xavier Guichard was a French Director of Police, archaeologist and writer. His 1936 book Eleusis... more »

Xavier J. Barile

Xavier J. Barile was an American artist. more »

Xavier Léon

Xavier Léon was a French philosopher and historian of philosophy. In 1893 Léon – together with... more »

Xavier Maniguet

Xavier Maniguet was a member of the team of French intelligence service. Along with Roland... more »

Xavier María de Munibe e Idiáquez

Xavier María de Munibe e Idiáquez, Conde de Peñaflorida, was an important figure of... more »

Xavier Marmier

Xavier Marmier was a French author born in Pontarlier, in Doubs. He had a passion for... more »

Xavier Mertz

Xavier Mertz was a Swiss explorer, mountaineer and skier, from Basel. He took part in the Far... more »

Xavier Petulengro

Xavier Petulengro, more often known as Gipsy Petulengro, was a British Romanichal horse trader,... more »

Xavier-Marie Baronnet

Xavier-Marie Baronnet S.J. April 5, 1927 Chantenay, France-September 8, 2012) is a Jesuit who... more »

Xenia of Saint Petersburg

Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg is a patron saint of St. Petersburg, who according to... more »

Xenophon Huddy

Xenophon Pearce Huddy was an American lawyer, specializing in automobile law. Huddy graduated... more »

Xenophon of Robika

Xenophon of Robika was a Russian Orthodox monk, later declared a saint. A student of Barlaam of... more »

Xenophont Ivanov

Xenophont Andreev Ivanov was a Bulgarian veterinary scholar of pathological morphology. Graduated... more »

Xhemal Pasha Zogu

Xhemal Pasha Zogu, also known as Jamal Pasha or Jamal Pasha Zogolli, was the Hereditary Governor... more »

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