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Marcel Tomazover

Marcel Tomazover is a former French footballer and coach. He was born in Paris. He played his... more »

Marcelino Pérez

Marcelino Pérez Ayllón, simply known as Marcelino, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as... more »

Marcell Enyingi

Marcell Enyingi is a Hungarian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Lombard-Pápa TFC. more »

Marcell Fodor

Marcell Fodor is a Hungarian football player who currently plays for Újpest FC. more »

Marcellin Gaha Djiadeu

Marcellin Gaha Djiadeu is a professional Cameroonian footballer currently playing as... more »

Marcello Castellini

Marcello Castellini is an Italian footballer who currently without a club. Castellini has played... more »

Marcello Cottafava

Marcello Cottafava is an Italian footballer who plays for Latina. He measures 184 cm, weighing... more »

Marcello Gazzola

Marcello Gazzola is an Italian footballer who plays for Sassuolo Calcio in the Italian Serie A. more »

Marcelo Alatorre

Marcelo Guadalupe Alatorre Maldonado is a Mexican football defender who currently plays for Club... more »

Marcelo Bauza

Marcelo Daniel Bauza is a retired Argentine football player, who played as a defender. more »

Marcelo Berza

Marcelo Fabian Berza is an Argentine football defender. He currently plays for Gimnasia y... more »

Marcelo Bustamante

Walter Marcelo Bustamante is an Argentine football left-back currently playing for All... more »

Marcelo Carballo

Marcelo Antonio Carballo is a Bolivian football defender currently playing for first division... more »

Marcelo Cordeiro

Marcelo Cordeiro de Souza aka Marcelo Cordeiro is a Brazilian footballer who plays as left-back... more »

Marcelo Costa Resende Siqueira

Marcelo Costa Resende Siqueira is a Brazilian football player, last played for Agremiação... more »

Marcelo Goiano

Marcelo Goiano is a Brazilian soccer player. more »

Marcelo José Oliveira

Marcelo José Oliveira, commonly known as Marcelo Oliveira, is a Brazilian football defender who... more »

Marcelo Lopes de Faria

Marcelo Lopes de Faria or simply Marcelo Lopes is a Brazilian football Defender, He previously... more »

Marcelo Méndez

Marcelo Fabián Méndez Russo is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for Huracán in the Segunda... more »

Marcelo Pletsch

Marcelo José Pletsch is a Brazilian football defender. more »

Marcelo Rosa Nazário

Marcelo Rosa Nazário or simply Marcelo is a Brazilian central defender. He currently plays for... more »

Marcelo Tavares

Marcelo Tavares is a Brazilian football defender who is playing for Al-Sailiya in Qatar. more »

Marcelo Tomé De Souza

Marcelo Tomé De Souza, shortly Souza is a Brazilian footballer, who played as a defender for... more »

Marciano Bruma

Marciano Bruma is a Dutch footballer who currently plays for Rijnsburgse Boys. Van Homoet is a... more »

Marciano Saldías

Marciano Saldías Barba is a former Bolivian football defender who spent most of his career at... more »

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