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Gary Richards is an American music executive, concert promoter, and DJ. He is the founder and... more »

Devin Abrams

Devin Abrams is a member of the musical group, Shapeshifter. more »

Devo Springsteen

Devon Harris, better known as Devo Springsteen, is a Grammy Award winning producer, songwriter,... more »

Dewey Phillips

"Daddy-O" Dewey Phillips was one of rock 'n' roll's pioneering disk jockeys, along the lines of... more »

Dianna Martin

Dianna Martin is an actress, acting teacher, a film director and disc jockey. more »

Dick Heatherton

Dick Heatherton was a disc jockey, announcer, television producer and author. more »

Dick Hugg

Dick "Huggy Boy" Hugg was a radio disc jockey in Los Angeles, California. He was married to... more »

Diego Fuentes

Diego Fuentes is a Canadian actor of Chilean descent and Toronto socialite. He was MuchMusic's... more »


Damian Higgins, better known by his stage name Dieselboy, is an American DJ, producer, remixer,... more »


Dilemmachine is a musician, disc jockey and record producer. more »


Dillinja, is an English drum and bass DJ, record producer and entrepreneur. more »

Dillon Francis

Dillon Hart Francis is an American electronic music producer, known for being one of the... more »

Dimitri Vegas

Dimitri Vegas is a musician. more »


Dean Esposito, better known as Dino, is an American deejay, singer-songwriter, and record producer. more »

Dino Ramirez

D. Ramirez is an English house producer and DJ. He has used a variety of pseudonyms including... more »


Diplo is a DJ, record producer and songwriter. more »

Dirty South

Dragan Roganović, better known by his stage name Dirty South is a Grammy-nominated,... more »

DJ Abilities

Gregory Keltgen, better known by his stage name DJ Abilities, is a Minnesota-based underground... more »

DJ Aligator

Aliasghar Movasat, better known by his stage name DJ Aligator, is an Iranian-Danish trance... more »

DJ Ammo

Damien LeRoy, sometimes known professionally as DJ Ammo, is an American disc jockey and music... more »

DJ Ani

DJ Ani was a member of musical group, Deee-Lite. more »

DJ Antoine

Antoine Konrad, better known as DJ Antoine, is a Swiss house and electro DJ and producer, from... more »

DJ Atom

DJ Atom is a turntablist and one of the members of the musical group C2C. more »

DJ Baby Anne

DJ Baby Anne is an Orlando-based DJ and producer who works with live sets and original mixes... more »

DJ Bambus

DJ Bambus is a former member of the Polish hip hop group Paktofonika. more »

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