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D. H. Peligro

D.H. Peligro was the second drummer for the hardcore punk band the Dead Kennedys from February... more »

D. J. Fontana

Dominic Joseph Fontana, is an American musician best known as the drummer for Elvis Presley for... more »

D.W. Cormier

D.W. Cormier is an actor. more »

Dafnis Prieto

Dafnis Prieto is a Cuban-American bandleader, composer, drummer and educator. He is a 2011... more »

Dafydd Ieuan

Dafydd Ieuan is the drummer with the band Super Furry Animals and The Peth. He currently lives... more »

Dale Crover

Dale Crover is an American rock musician. Crover is best known as the drummer for Melvins and... more »

Dale Griffin

Terence Dale "Buffin" Griffin is an English drummer and founding member of 1970s rock band, Mott... more »

Dallas Taylor

Dallas Woodrow Taylor Jr. is an American session drummer who has played on several rock records... more »

Damian Diablo

Damian Diablo is the drummer of the band Night By Night. more »

Damon Che

Damon Che is a rock drummer and guitarist. He has made significant contributions to indie rock... more »

Dan Cunneen

Dan Cunneen is a drummer, songwriter, disc jockey, and freelance graphic designer originally... more »

Dan DeGregory

Dan DeGregory is a drummer and spouse of Lane DeGregory. more »

Dan Donald

Dan Donald is a drummer. more »

Dan Elias

Dan Elias is a member of Love Darling. more »

Dan Epand

Dan Epand is a Drummer. more »

Dan Fretz

Dan Fretz is a musician and drummer. more »

Dan Hadley

Dan Hadley is a drummer in musical group "Delphic". more »

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is an American drummer for Korn guitarist Brian Welch and Love and Death as well as... more »

Dan Konopka

Dan Konopka is the drummer for a Chicago-based rock band OK Go. more »

Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell is a musician best known for being the drummer of Moving Sidewalks and ZZ Top. more »

Dan Molad

Dan Molad is a member of the American band Lucius. more »

Dan Mullins

Dan Mullins is an English metal drummer. He is most known for being the drummer of the... more »

Dan Nelson

Dan Nelson is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is also lead vocalist, guitarist... more »

Dan Panic

Dan Sullivan, also known as Dan Panic or Danny Panic, is a punk rock drummer from Chicago. more »

Dan Peters

Daniel Joe Peters is the drummer for Mudhoney. He joined Bundle of Hiss when he was fifteen... more »

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