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Bertil Holmlund

Bertil Holmlund is a Swedish economist, currently Professor of Economics at Uppsala University... more »

Bertil Näslund

Bertil Näslund is a Swedish economist, currently emeritus professor at Handelshögskolan i... more »

Bertil Ohlin

Bertil Gotthard Ohlin was a Swedish economist and politician. He was a professor of economics at... more »

Beth Hayes

Beth Hayes was an American economist specializing in theoretical microeconomics. She has been... more »

Bhabananda Deka

Prof Bhabananda Deka, is a multi-faceted writer of one hundred twelve books, textbooks on... more »

Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao

Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao was an Indian economist and a social scientist. He was born in... more »

Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy is an Indian economist. Since March 2007, he has been professor at Centre for... more »

Bimal Jalan

Bimal Jalan is a former Governor of India's Reserve Bank and a nominated member of the Upper... more »

Bina Agarwal

Bina Agarwal is a prize-winning development economist and Director and Professor of Economics at... more »

Bingu wa Mutharika

Bingu wa Mutharika was a Malawian politician and economist who was President of Malawi from May... more »

Biplab Dasgupta

Biplab Dasgupta was a Marxian economist, former member of Rajya Sabha and the Bengal state... more »

Birger Wernerfelt

Birger Wernerfelt is an economist and management theorist. He is the JC Penney Professor of... more »

Birgit Grodal

Birgit Grodal was an economics professor at the University of Copenhagen from 1968 until her... more »

Björn Bjerke

Björn Bjerke is a Swedish economist, professor in entrepreneurship and small firms at Stockholm... more »

Bjørn Skogstad Aamo

Bjørn Skogstad Aamo is a Norwegian economist and politician for the Labour Party. He was State... more »

Blaž Lorković

Blaž Lorković was a Croatian economist, lawyer, political and cultural worker, and the founder... more »

Bob Johnston

Robert Alan 'Bob' Johnston AC is an Australian economist and was the 4th Governor of the Reserve... more »

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn is a noted economist and an economic advisor to the Ukrainian government. The... more »

Bolívar Echeverría

Bolívar Echeverría was a philosopher, economist and cultural critic, born in Ecuador and later... more »

Bonamy Price

Bonamy Price was an English political economist. more »

Boris Brutskus

Boris Davydovich Brutskus, Russian: Борис Давыдович Бруцкус, Latvian: Boriss Bruckus, Hebrew:... more »

Boris Fyodorov

Boris Grigoryevich Fyodorov was a Russian economist, politician, and reformer. He was awarded a... more »

Boris Gostev

Boris Ivanovich Gostev was a Soviet Minister of Finance from 1985 to 1989. more »

Boris M. Smekhov

Boris M. Smekhov was the father of Veniamin Smekhov. more »

Boris Nikolaievich Garnevich

Boris Nikolaievich Garnevich is an economist and the father of actor Oleg Vidov. more »

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