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G. C. Peden

George C. Peden is an emeritus professor of history at Stirling University, Scotland. He has... more »

G. D. H. Cole

George Douglas Howard Cole was an English political theorist, economist, writer and historian... more »

G. L. S. Shackle

George Lennox Sharman Shackle was an English economist. He made a practical attempt to challenge... more »

G. S. Maddala

Gangadharrao Soundalyarao "G. S." Maddala was an Indian American economist and mathematician,... more »

G. Warren Nutter

G. Warren Nutter was a U.S. economist, known primarily for his work on political economy,... more »

Gabriel Betancourt

Gabriel Betancourt Mejía was a Colombian economist and diplomat who served as Colombia's... more »

Gabriel Czechowicz

Gabriel Czechowicz was a Polish lawyer, economist and politician. He was the Polish Treasury... more »

Gabriel Ntisezerana

Gabriel Ntisezerana was Vice-President of Burundi from February 2007 to August 2010. He is now... more »

Gabriel Opio

Gabriel Opio is a Ugandan economist and politician. He was the Minister of Gender, Labor &... more »

Gabriel Quadri de la Torre

Gabriel Ricardo Quadri de la Torre, better known as Gabriel Quadri de la Torre, or simply as... more »

Gabriel Silva Luján

Gabriel Silva Luján is a Colombian diplomat and political scientist who served as the 33rd and... more »

Gail Cook-Bennett

Gail C. A. Cook-Bennett, CM is a Canadian economist and a business executive. She was the... more »

Gail D. Fosler

Gail D. Fosler is president of The Conference Board, directing its knowledge development and its... more »

Gamani Corea

Deshamanya Gamani Corea was a Sri Lankan economist, civil servant and diplomat. He was also the... more »

Gardiner Means

Gardiner Coit Means was an American economist who worked at Harvard University, where he met... more »

Gardner Ackley

Gardner Ackley, also known as H. Gardner Ackley, was an American economist and diplomat. Ackley... more »

Gareth Myles

Gareth Myles is a British academic economist. He was born in Manchester and educated at the... more »

Garret FitzGerald

Garret FitzGerald was an Irish politician who was twice Taoiseach of Ireland, serving in office... more »

Gary Becker

Gary Stanley Becker was an American economist. He was professor of economics and sociology at... more »

Gary Burtless

Gary Burtless is an American economist. He received his A.B. from Yale University in 1972 and... more »

Gary Gorton

Gary B. Gorton is an American economist who currently serves as professor at Yale School of... more »

Gary H. Stern

Gary Hilton Stern is an American economist and banker. On March 16, 1985, he took office as the... more »

Gary Hansen

Gary Duane Hansen is a macroeconomist at UCLA. He is known for creating the theory of... more »

Gary Holman

Gary Holman is a Canadian politician, who was declared elected to the Legislative Assembly of... more »

Gary L. Wolfram

Gary Wolfram is William E. Simon Professor in Economics and Public Policy at Hillsdale College... more »

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