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L. William Seidman

Lewis William "Bill" Seidman was an American economist, financial commentator, and former head... more »

Ladislaus Bortkiewicz

Ladislaus Josephovich Bortkiewicz was an economist and statistician of Polish ancestry, who... more »

Lajos Bokros

Lajos András Bokros is a Hungarian economist and Member of the European Parliament for Hungary... more »

Lajos Faluvégi

Lajos Faluvégi was a Hungarian politician, who served as Minister of Finance between 1971 and... more »

Lajos Hegyeshalmi

Lajos Hegyeshalmi or Hegyeshalmy was a Hungarian politician, who served as acting Minister of... more »

Lajos Reményi-Schneller

Lajos Reményi-Schneller was a Hungarian politician, who served as Minister of Finance between... more »

Lamberto Dini

Lamberto Dini is an Italian politician and economist. He was the 51st Prime Minister of Italy... more »

Lane P. Hughston

Professor Lane P. Hughston, M.A., D. Phil. is an American mathematician. Born in Corpus Christi,... more »

Lang Xianping

Larry Hsien Ping Lang is a well-known Hong Kong-based economist, commentator, author and TV host... more »

Langford Lovell Price

Langford Lovell Price was an English economist, born in London. He was educated at Trinity... more »

Lans Bovenberg

Arij Lans Bovenberg is a Dutch economist, and Professor of Economics at the Tilburg University... more »

Lant Pritchett

Lant Pritchett is an American development economist. more »

Larry J. Sechrest

Larry James Sechrest was an American economist who advocated the ideas of the Austrian School... more »

Lars Calmfors

Lars Calmfors is a Swedish economist and professor of international economics at the Institute... more »

Lars E. O. Svensson

Lars E.O. Svensson, born 1947, is a Swedish economist. He was on the faculty of Princeton... more »

Lars Lefgren

Lars Lefgren is an American Economist trained at the University of Chicago Booth School of... more »

Lars Nygaard

Lars Nygaard is an economist. more »

Lars Peter Hansen

Lars Peter Hansen is the David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor of economics at the... more »

László Andor

László Andor is a Hungarian economist. He is Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and... more »

László Békesi

László Békesi is a Hungarian politician, who served as Minister of Finance twice: between... more »

Lauchlin Currie

Lauchlin Bernard Currie was a Canadian-born U.S. economist from New Dublin, Nova Scotia,... more »

Laura D'Andrea Tyson

Laura D'Andrea Tyson is an American economist and former Chair of the US President's Council of... more »

Laurence Kotlikoff

Laurence Jacob Kotlikoff is a William Warren FairField Professor at Boston University, a... more »

Laurence Meyer

Laurence Meyer is an economist and was a United States Federal Reserve System governor from June... more »

Laurens de Haan

Laurens de Haan is a Dutch economist and Emeritus Professor of Probability and Mathematical... more »

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