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N. Gregory Mankiw

Nicholas Gregory Mankiw is an American macroeconomist and Chairman and Professor of Economics at... more »

Naim Talu

Mehmet Naim Talu was a Turkish economist, banker, politician and former Prime Minister of Turkey. more »

Nanabhoy Palkhivala

Nanabhoy "Nani" Ardeshir Palkhivala was an Indian jurist and economist. more »

Nancy Folbre

Nancy Folbre is a feminist economist who focuses on economics and the family, non-market work... more »

Nancy Pfotenhauer

Nancy Mitchell Pfotenhauer is the president of MediaSpeak Strategies. She has been a Senior... more »

Nancy Stokey

Nancy Laura Stokey is the Frederick Henry Prince Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at... more »

Nannete Konig-Blitz

Nanette Konig, born Nanette Blitz, is best known for her friendship with diarist Anne Frank... more »

Naomi R. Lamoreaux

Naomi Lamoreaux is an American Economic Historian. She is a professor of Economics and History... more »

Nariman Behravesh

Dr. Nariman Behravesh is an Iranian- American economist, and the Chief Economist and Executive... more »

Nassau William Senior

Nassau William Senior, was an English lawyer known as an economist. He was also a government... more »

Nasser Saidi

Dr. Nasser Saidi is a Lebanese politician and economist who served as the Minister of Economy... more »

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a Lebanese American essayist, scholar and statistician, whose work... more »

Natalia E. Bazhanova

Natalia Evgenyeva Bazhanova, Russian: Наталья Евгеньевна Бажанова is a Senior Research Fellow of... more »

Natalya Komarova

Natalya Vladimirovna Komarova, is a Russian politician and is the current Governor of... more »

Nathan Rosenberg

Nathan Rosenberg is an American economist specializing in the history of technology. He earned... more »

Naum Krasner

Naum Krasner, 21 February 1924 - 5 March 1999, was a Russian mathematician and economist. A... more »

Nazım Ekren

Nazım Ekren was a Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey responsible for economic affairs. more »

Negiat Sali

Negiat Sali is a Romanian economist and politician, a member of the Democratic Union of... more »

Neil De Marchi

Neil De Marchi is an Australian economist and historian of economic thought and is a Professor... more »

Neil Shephard

Neil Shephard, FBA, is a British econometrician, currently Professor of Economics and of... more »

Nesrin Nas

Nesrin Nas is a Turkish academic in economics, politician and the former leader of the... more »

Nicholas Barr

Nicholar Barr FRSA is a British economist, currently serving as professor of public economics at... more »

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, born Nicolae Georgescu was a Romanian American mathematician,... more »

Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas John Gruen in Australia is a prominent Australian economist and commentator on Web 2.0... more »

Nicholas Kaldor

Nicholas Kaldor, Baron Kaldor was one of the foremost Cambridge economists in the post-war... more »

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