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T. K. Whitaker

Thomas Kenneth "Ken" Whitaker is an Irish economist and former public servant, credited with a... more »

T. N. Srinivasan

T. N. Srinivasan, in full Thirukodikaval Nilakanta Srinivasan, is an Indian economist. He is the... more »

T. S. Ashton

Thomas Southcliffe Ashton was an English economic historian. He was professor of economic... more »

Tadeusz Rybczynski

Tadeusz Mieczyslaw Rybczynski was a Polish-born English economist who is known for the... more »

Tadeusz Truskolaski

Tadeusz Truskolaski is an economist and politician. A member of the Civic Platform party, he has... more »

Taguchi Ukichi

Taguchi Ukichi was a Japanese historian and economist of the Meiji period, and one of the... more »

Takafumi Isomura

Takafumi Isomura was a Japanese politician. He served as the former mayor of Osaka from 1995... more »

Takatoshi Ito

Takatoshi Ito is a Japanese economist and professor of The University of Tokyo. He currently... more »

Takero Doi

Takero Doi is a Japanese economist. Doi received his B.A. degree from Osaka University in 1993... more »

Takeshi Amemiya

Takeshi Amemiya is an economist specializing in econometrics and the economy of ancient... more »

Takis Fotopoulos

Takis Fotopoulos is a political philosopher and economist who founded the inclusive democracy... more »

Takuji Tsusaka

Takuji Tsusaka is the son between Taisaku Akino and On Pekiren. more »

Talaat Harb

Talaat Pasha Harb was a leading Egyptian economist and founder of Banque Misr, and its group of... more »

Tamar Gozansky

Tamar Gozansky is an Israeli politician. more »

Tamás Bauer

Tamás Bauer is a Hungarian economist, politician and member of the National Assembly from June... more »

Tansu Çiller

Tansu Penbe Çiller is a Turkish economist, academician and politician who was the 22nd Prime... more »

Tarek Coury

Tarek Coury is a Fellow in Economics of University College, Oxford. more »

Tatyana Karimova

Tatyana Karimova is the wife of Islam Karimov. more »

Tatyana Zaslavskaya

Tatyana Zaslavskaya was a Russian economic sociologist, a theoretician of perestroika, an author... more »

Taymuraz Mamsurov

Taymuraz Dzambekovich Mamsurov is the Head of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania, Russia. He... more »

Tayyibe Gülek

Tayyibe Gülek is a Turkish economist and politician. more »

Ted Gayer

Ted Gayer is an American economist. He is co-director and Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fellow of the... more »

Ted Snyder

Edward A. "Ted" Snyder is currently Dean of Yale School of Management. He has held two other... more »

Tench Coxe

Tench Coxe was an American political economist and a delegate for Pennsylvania to the... more »

Teng Wei-Zao

Professor TENG Wei-Zao, also known as Teng Weizao, was a renowned Chinese economist and... more »

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