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George Bell

George Bell was a New Zealand newspaper proprietor and editor. He was born in Kingston upon... more »

George Bradley

George Bradley is an American poet, editor, and fiction writer whose work is characterized by... more »

George Brosi

George Brosi is an editor. more »

George D. Lundberg

George D. Lundberg is an American board-certified pathologist and, from February 1999 to January... more »

George Dillon

George Hill Dillon was an American editor and poet. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida but he... more »

George Ellery Hale

George Ellery Hale was an American solar astronomer. more »

George Jean Nathan

George Jean Nathan was an American drama critic and editor. He worked closely with H.L. Mencken,... more »

George Lee

George Lee is an Irish economist, journalist, television and radio presenter, and former Fine... more »

George Pitcher

George Pitcher is a journalist, author, public relations pioneer and an Anglican priest. He is... more »

George Plimpton

George Ames Plimpton was an American journalist, writer, literary editor, actor, and occasional... more »

George Pope Morris

George Pope Morris was an American editor, poet, and songwriter. more »

George R. R. Martin

George Raymond Richard Martin, often referred to as GRRM, is an American novelist and short... more »

George Stambolian

George Stambolian was an American educator, writer, and editor of Armenian descent. Stambolian... more »

George Zebrowski

George Zebrowski is a science fiction author and editor who has written and edited a number of... more »

Georgina Howell

Georgina Howell is an author, journalist and editor. more »

Georgios Sokos

Georgios Sokos was a journalist, editor and playwright and the father of Rosita Sokou. more »

Gerald Duffy

Gerald C. Duffy was a screenwriter of the silent film era, as well as a journalist, and short... more »

Gerald M. Boyd

Gerald Michael Boyd was an American journalist. He was the first African-American metropolitan... more »

Gerald Marzorati

Gerald Marzorati was the editor of The New York Times Magazine for seven years before stepping... more »

Geraldine Kennedy

Geraldine Kennedy is an Irish journalist, former politician, and former editor of The Irish... more »

Gerard Bruder

Gerard Bruder os a writer and an editor. more »

Gerri Willis

Gerri Willis, is an American television news journalist and host of The Willis Report, a daytime... more »

Gerry Conway

Gerard F. "Gerry" Conway is an American writer of comic books and television shows. He is known... more »

Gersh Kuntzman

Gersh Kuntzman is a New York City-based journalist. Previously, he worked for the New York Post,... more »

Ghassan Kanafani

Ghassan Kanafani was a Palestinian writer and a leading member of the Popular Front for the... more »

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