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H. Ostrer

H. Ostrer is brother of Maurice Ostrer more »

H. P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft — known as H. P. Lovecraft — was an American author of horror,... more »

Hadi Khamenei

Hojatoleslam Hadi Khamenei is an influential Iranian reformist politician, mojtahed and... more »

Halbert W. Hall

Halbert Walden Hall is a librarian and editor of his annual index to books reviews in fantastic... more »

Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir is a Pakistani journalist, news anchor, terrorism expert, and security analyst. He... more »

Hamish Bowles

Hamish Bowles is an English fashion journalist. Since 1995 he has been the European... more »

Hank Klibanoff

Hank Klibanoff was the Managing Editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution until June 24, 2008... more »

Hank Plante

Henry A. "Hank" Plante is an American television reporter and editor. Winner of the George... more »

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a German author, poet, translator and editor. He has also written... more »

Hans Stefan Santesson

Hans Stefan Santesson, was an American editor, writer, and reviewer. He edited the selections of... more »

Hans Wurst

Hans Wurst is a film editor and cinematographer. more »

Harbans Singh

Harbans Singh was an educationist, administrator, scholar, the editor of the Encyclopedia of... more »

Hardi Hõlpus

Hardi Hõlpus is an editor from Arukula, Estonia. more »

Harold D. Schuster

Harold D. Schuster was an American editor and film director. In 1937 he made Wings of the... more »

Harold David London

Harold David London was a New Zealand public servant, philatelist, cycling administrator, editor... more »

Harold Evans

Sir Harold Matthew Evans is a British-born journalist and writer who was editor of The Sunday... more »

Harold Jaffe

Harold Jaffe is an American writer of novels, short fiction, drama and essays. He is the author... more »

Harold Meyerson

Harold Meyerson is a American journalist and opinion columnist. In 2009 The Atlantic Monthly... more »

Harold Ross

Harold Wallace Ross was an American journalist who founded The New Yorker magazine and served as... more »

Harriet Shaw Weaver

Harriet Shaw Weaver was a political activist and a magazine editor. She also became the patron... more »

Harrison Salisbury

Harrison Evans Salisbury, was American journalist and the first regular New York Times... more »

Harry G. Burton

Harry G. Burton was the brother of Beatrice Burton. more »

Harry Humes

Harry Humes is an American Poet, Short Story Writer, Professor, and Editor. more »

Harry Lawton

Harry Wilson Lawton was an American writer, journalist, editor and historian who wrote several... more »

Harry M. Rosenfeld

Harry M. Rosenfeld is an American newspaper editor who was the editor in charge of local news at... more »

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