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L. Ian MacDonald

L. Ian MacDonald is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, and diplomat. more »

Lance Ulanoff

Lance Ulanoff is an American tech and social media commentator. He is a former Editor-in-Chief... more »

Landon Jones

Landon Y. Jones is an American editor and author. He is a former managing editor of People... more »

Lane Kauffmann

Lane Kauffmann is an award-winning author. more »

Lap Phan

Lap Phan is an actor, screenwriter, editor and film producer. more »

Lara Loory

Lara Loory is an editor. more »

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman is an American comedienne, actress, and writer, and was part of the original... more »

Larry Crane

Larry Crane is an American editor, recording engineer and archivist based in Portland, Oregon... more »

Larry Elliott

Larry Elliott is a British journalist and author who focuses on economic issues. He is the... more »

Larry Lieber

Larry D. Lieber is an American comic book artist and writer, and the younger brother of Marvel... more »

Larry Parr

Lawrence "Larry" Parr was a chess player, author and editor. Born in 1946 and originally from... more »

Larry Segriff

Larry Segriff is an author and editor. more »

Larry Smith

Larry Smith is an American author and editor, and publisher of SMITH Magazine. He is best known... more »

Larry Weir

Larry Anthony Weir is a songwriter, composer, producer, promoter and managing editor of New... more »

Laura Furman

Laura J. Furman is an American author best known for her role as series editor for the O. Henry... more »

Lauren Shakely

Lauren Shakely is an American poet, editor, and publisher. more »

Laurent Vachaud

Laurent Vachaud is a screenwriter. more »

Laurianne Jameson

Laurianne Jameson is an actress. more »

Laurinz Babuin

Laurinz Babuin is a film editor. more »

Lauro Flores

Lauro Flores is an editor and professor. more »

Leah Bodine Drake

Leah Bodine Drake was an American poet, editor and critic. more »

Leander Kahney

Leander Kahney is a technology writer and author. He is a former managing editor, and previously... more »

Lee Dorrian

Lee Dorrian is a singer from Coventry, England. Originally the editor/publisher of the Cov punk... more »

Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards is a distinguished fellow in conservative thought at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for... more »

Lee Gurga

Lee Gurga is an award-winning American haiku poet. In 1997 he served as president of the Haiku... more »

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