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N. Ram

Narasimhan Ram is an Indian journalist and prominent member of the Kasturi family that controls... more »

Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi Urdu: نجم سیٹھی‎; born c. 1948 is the 16th and former chief minister of Punjab. He... more »

Nan A. Talese

Nan Talese is an American editor and a veteran of the New York publishing industry. more »

Nancy Jack Todd

Nancy Jack Todd is a writer and editor. more »

Nancy White

Nancy White was the editor of Harper's Bazaar during the 1960s. She edited Harper's from 1958 to... more »

Naomi Holoch

Naomi Holoch is a writer. more »

Narayan Wagle

Narayan Wagle is a Nepalese journalist and novelist. He was the editor of Kantipur Daily, one of... more »

Narda Catharine Zacchino

Narda Catharine Zacchino is the wife of Robert Scheer. more »

Nat Fleischer

Nathaniel Stanley Fleischer was a noted American boxing writer and collector. After graduated... more »

Natan Gross

Natan Gross was a film director, film producer, writer, critic, film historian, poet,... more »

Nate Tam

Nate Tam is an editor. more »

Nathan Duncan

Nathan Duncan is an editor, producer, cinematographer and director. more »

Nathan Gardels

Nathan Gardels appeared in the 2007 film The 11th Hour. more »

Nathan Salsburg

Nathan Salsburg is a musician and writer. more »

Nathaniel Mackey

Nathaniel Mackey is an American poet, novelist, anthologist, literary critic and editor. He is... more »

Nathaniel Nuon

Nathaniel Nuon is a Film Actor, Production Designer, Director, Writer and Editor. more »

Nayan Chanda

Nayan Chanda is a former correspondent and editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review and... more »

Nayeemul Islam Khan

Nayeemul Islam Khan is a renowned media personality in Bangladesh who has been active in... more »

Ned Temko

Ned Temko is an American Jewish journalist and newspaper editor who has worked much of his life... more »

Neil Clarke

Neil Clarke is an editor and publisher of science fiction and fantasy. In 2006, Clarke launched... more »

Neil Wallis

Neil John Wallis is a former newspaper editor in the United Kingdom. more »

Neill Borowski

Neill A. Borowski is an American journalist, and executive editor of the The Press of Atlantic... more »

Nell Minow

Nell Minow is an American film reviewer and writer who writes and speaks frequently on film,... more »

Nelson Antonio Denis

Nelson Antonio Denis was a New York State Assembly representative for the 68th district from... more »

Nelson W. Aldrich Jr.

Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. is an American editor and the author of Old Money: The mythology of Wealth... more »

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