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Pace Barnes

Pace Barnes is a publishing editor and the current partner of Thomas Harris. more »

Paige Rense

Paige Rense, aka Paige Rense Noland is the editor emeritus of Architectural Digest, where she... more »

Palagummi Sainath

Palagummi Sainath is an Indian journalist and photojournalist focusing on social problems, rural... more »

Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is an American blogger, author, political activist, and commentator. She is known... more »

Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones, commonly known as PJ, is the creator and was editor of Groklaw, an award-winning... more »

Pamela Sargent

Pamela Sargent is an American feminist, science fiction author, and editor. She has an MA in... more »

Pankaj Pachauri

Pankaj Pachauri is a senior Indian TV anchor and journalist, and the current Communications... more »

Paola Revenioti

Η Πάολα Ρεβενιώτη, γνωστή ως Πάολα είναι Ελληνίδα εκδιδόμενη τραβεστί, εκδότρια ποιήτρια και... more »

Pascal Kerkhove

Pascal Kerkhove is the Editor in Chief at the Belgian newspaper the Gazet van Antwerpen. more »

Pat Andres

A long-time member of the Savannah Writers' Group, Pat Andres is a published author of... more »

Patience Wheatcroft, Baroness Wheatcroft

Patience Jane Wheatcroft, Baroness Wheatcroft, is a British journalist and politician, who was... more »

Patricia Bosworth

Patricia Bosworth is an American journalist and biographer. A former faculty member of the... more »

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison is an American author and journalist. Her published works include... more »

Patricia Peterson

Patricia Peterson is an editor. more »

Patricia Roth Schwartz

Patricia Roth Schwartz is an American poet, playwright, and editor. more »

Patricia Ruppelt

Patricia Ruppelt is a writer. more »

Patricia Sharpe

Patricia Sharpe is a 2006 JBF Awards winner and a 2009 JBF Awards nominee for Magazine Feature... more »

Patrick Burns Jr.

Patrick Burns Jr. is a film editor. more »

Patrick Cahill

Patrick Cahill LLB was the founder and editor of the Leinster Leader newspaper, a political... more »

Patrick Lope

Patrick Lope is a television producer, film producer and editor. more »

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Patrick James Nielsen Hayden, is an American science fiction editor, fan, fanzine publisher,... more »

Patsy Jamieson

Patsy Jamieson is a 2005 JBF Awards nominee for Focus on Health. more »

Patsy Northcutt

Patsy Northcutt is a cinematographer. more »

Paul Auster

Paul Benjamin Auster is an American author and director whose writing blends absurdism,... more »

Paul Beliën

Paul Beliën, born 1959, is a Flemish journalist, author and founder of the conservative-libertari... more »

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