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Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan Shapiro is a former federal prosecutor, tv producer and screenwriter. more »

Jonathan Steinberg

Jonathan Steinberg is the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History and former... more »

Jose Hernandez

José L. Hernández Born August 27, 1958 in Mexicali, Baja, California, Jose is the youngest of... more »

José Luis Guerín

José Luis Guerín is a Spanish filmmaker and educator. more »

José Mariano da Rocha Filho

José Mariano da Rocha Filho is a Physician, Educator and founder of Federal University of Santa... more »

Joseph Badaracco

Joseph L. Badaracco is a professor of Business ethics at Harvard Business School. He is also a... more »

Joseph F Fletcher

Joseph Francis Fletcher was an American professor who founded the theory of situational ethics... more »

Joseph L. Erb

Joseph Erb is a Native American computer animator, educator, and artist enrolled in the Cherokee... more »

Joseph Marsh

Joseph Marsh was a Scottish clergymen and educationist. He was the founding Head master of the... more »

Joseph Schwantner

Joseph Clyde Schwantner is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, educator and a member of... more »

Joseph W. Clokey

Joseph Waddell Clokey was an educator, organist and composer of sacred and secular music in the... more »

Joseph-A. Fowler

Joseph-A. Fowler was a Canadian composer, organist, choirmaster, pianist, and music educator... more »

Josephine Forsberg

Josephine Forsberg, ex-wife of film director Rolf Forsberg, was hired by Paul Sills and Viola... more »

Jovino Santos Neto

Jovino Santos-Neto is a Brazilian American jazz pianist, flutist, composer, arranger, educator... more »

Józef Robakowski

Józef Robakowski is a film director. more »

Judith Herrin

Judith Herrin is a British archaeologist and academic of Late Antiquity. She is Professor... more »

Judith Sewell Wright

Judith Sewell Wright is an American author, speaker, lifestyles expert and life coach. She is... more »

Julian Coolidge

Julian Lowell Coolidge was an American mathematician and a professor and chairman of the Harvard... more »

Julian Stanley

Julian Cecil Stanley was an American psychologist, an educator, and an advocate of accelerated... more »

Julian Tudor Hart

Julian Tudor Hart is a British General Practitioner. more »

Justin Gifford

Justin Gifford is a university professor that appeared in the 2012 documentary film Iceberg... more »

Justus Dartt

Justus Dartt was a Vermont farmer, educator and politician who served as President of the... more »

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