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Dan Bricklin

Daniel Singer "Dan" Bricklin, often referred to as “The Father of the Spreadsheet”, is the... more »

Daniel M. Moloney

Dan Moloney is executive vice president of Motorola, Inc. and president of the company's Home... more »

David Boggs

David Reeves Boggs is an electrical and radio engineer from the United States who developed... more »

David Efron

David Efron is the father of Zac Efron. more »

David Julian Block

David Julian Block was the father of cartoonist Herblock more »

David Messerschmitt

David G. Messerschmitt is an engineer and professor emeritus at the University of California,... more »

David P. Morgan

David P. Morgan is a Consultant in the area of Surface Acoustic Waves and author. more »

David Packard

David Packard was a co-founder, with William Hewlett, of Hewlett-Packard, serving as president,... more »

David Park MacNair Laing

David Park MacNair Laing is the father of Ronald David Laing. more »

David Swain, Sr.

David Swain, Sr. is an electrical engineer and the father of actress Dominique Swain. more »

David VandeLinde

David VandeLinde is an American electrical engineering graduate from Carnegie Tech in 1964 and... more »

Dennis Coombs

Dennis Coombs was elected mayor of Longmont, Colorado on November 2, 2011, succeeding one-term... more »

Derek Abbott

Derek Abbott is a physicist and electronic engineer. In the 1969-1971 period, he was a boarder... more »

Dmitry Lachinov

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Lachinov was a Russian physicist, electrical engineer, inventor,... more »

Don Bundy

Don Bundy is the father of Laura Bell Bundy. more »

Donald Cox

Donald C. Cox is an electrical engineer researching wireless communication, currently a... more »

Dov Frohman

Dov Frohman is an Israeli electrical engineer and business executive. A former vice president of... more »

Dr. An Wang

Dr. An Wang was a Chinese American computer engineer and inventor, and co-founder of computer... more »

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