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John Howard Dellinger

John Howard Dellinger was a noted American telecommunication engineer who discovered how solar... more »

John L. Moll

John Louis Moll was an American electrical engineer, notable for his contributions to... more »

John Loder

John F. Loder was an English sound engineer, record producer and founder of Southern Studios, as... more »

John Milton Miller

John Milton Miller was a noted American electrical engineer, best known for discovering the... more »

John Neary

Edward John Neary, an electronic engineer, specializing in audio processing equipment for motion... more »

John O'Sullivan

John O’Sullivan is an Australian electrical engineer whose work in the application of Fourier... more »

John Pomares

John Pomares was the father of Anita Page. more »

John Robinson Pierce

John Robinson Pierce, was an American engineer and author. He worked extensively in the fields... more »

John S. MacDonald

John Spencer MacDonald, OC is a Canada engineer, businessman, and academic. He is co-founder of... more »

John Stone Stone

John Stone Stone was an American mathematician, physicist and inventor. He labored as an early... more »

John Tan

John Tan was an electrical engineer and the father of Amy Tan. more »

John Vincent Lawless Hogan

John Vincent Lawless Hogan, often John V. L. Hogan, was a noted American radio pioneer. Hogan... more »

John Wozencraft

John McReynolds "Jack" Wozencraft was an electrical engineer and information theorist, professor... more »

José Antonio de Artigas Sanz

José Antonio de Artigas Sanz was a Spanish engineer who contributed to the standardization of... more »

Josef Schneider, Sr.

Josef Schneider Sr. was the first producer of electricity in Germany and founded the... more »

Joseph Angelo D'Allesandro II

Joseph Angelo D'Allesandro II was a sailor and is the father of Joe Dallesandro. more »

Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker, A.S.C. was an American cinematographer who worked on 145 films during a career... more »

Julien Peridier

Julien Péridier was a French electrical engineer and amateur astronomer. For his work he was... more »

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld was an Austro-Hungarian physicist. He was born in Lemberg in... more »

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