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Madman Muntz

Earl William "Madman" Muntz was an American businessman and engineer who sold and promoted cars... more »

Magnus Volk

Magnus Volk was a pioneer British electrical engineer. He is most notable for having built... more »

Majd al-Assad

Majd al-Assad was the son of Hafez al-Assad more »

Marcel Deprez

Marcel Deprez was a French electrical engineer. He was born in Aillant-sur-Milleron. He died in... more »

Marcian Hoff

Marcian Edward "Ted" Hoff, Jr., is one of the inventors of the microprocessor. more »

Martin Walt

Martin Walt is a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, U.S.. He... more »

Marvin Camras

Marvin Camras was an electrical engineer and inventor who was widely influential in the field of... more »

Max Knoll

Max Knoll was a German electrical engineer. Knoll was born in Wiesbaden and studied in Munich... more »

Max Mathews

Max Vernon Mathews was a pioneer in the world of computer music. more »

Mehdi Vaez-Iravani

Mehdi Vaez-Iravani is an Iranian scientist, engineer and inventor involved in the invention of... more »

Melville Eastham

Melville Eastham was a noted American radio pioneer and business executive. Eastham was born in... more »

Merv Norman

Merv Norman was an electrical engineer and the father of Greg Norman. more »

Michael G. Wilson

Michael Gregg Wilson, OBE is the producer and screenwriter of many of the James Bond films. more »

Michael Jones

Lieutenant-General Michael Jones was an Irish soldier who fought for King Charles I during the... more »

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is the father of Mara Wilson. more »

Mikhail Botvinnik

Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik, PhD was a Soviet and Russian International Grandmaster and... more »

Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky

Mikhail Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, was a Russian engineer, electrician, and inventor. Born in... more »

Miksa Déri

Miksa Déri was a Hungarian electrical engineer. He was, with his partners Károly Zipernowsky and... more »

Milan Vidmar

Milan Vidmar was a Slovene electrical engineer, chess player, chess theorist, philosopher, and... more »

Milton Feng

Milton Feng co-created the first transistor laser, working with Nick Holonyak in 2004. The paper... more »

Mohammed Ghanbari

Mohammed Ghanbari is an emeritus professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering... more »

Moritz Immisch

Moritz Immisch was an Electrical engineer, watchmaker and inventor. He was born on 12 March 1838... more »

Murray Joslin

William Murray Joslin was an electrical engineer who made major contributions to nuclear power... more »

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