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Astrid Guyart

Astrid Guyart is a French female fencer. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed in the Women's... more »

Athanasios Papoulis

Athanasios Papoulis was a Greek-American engineer and applied mathematician. more »

Athina Douka

Athina Douka is a Greek female sport shooter. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed in the... more »

August Föppl

August Otto Föppl was a professor of Technical Mechanics and Graphical Statics at the Technical... more »

August Horch

August Horch was a German engineer and automobile pioneer, the founder of the manufacturing... more »

August Howaldt

August Ferdinand Howaldt was a German engineer and ship builder. more »

August Mencken, Jr.

August Mencken was an American civil engineer and author. He was the younger brother of Henry... more »

August Wöhler

August Wöhler was a German engineer, best remembered for his systematic investigations of metal... more »

Augustin-Jean Fresnel

Augustin-Jean Fresnel, was a French engineer and physicist who contributed significantly to the... more »

Augustus Braun Kinzel

Augustus Braun Kinzel was a noted American metallurgist and first president of the National... more »

Augustus Siebe

Christian Augustus Siebe was a German-born British engineer chiefly known for his contributions... more »

Aung San Oo

Aung San Oo is the elder brother of Burmese National League for Democracy chairwoman and Nobel... more »

Aurel Persu

Aurel Persu was a Romanian engineer and pioneer car designer, the first to place the wheels... more »

Aurel Stodola

Aurel Boleslav Stodola was a Slovak engineer, physicist, and inventor. He was a pioneer in the... more »

Aurel Vlaicu

Aurel Vlaicu was a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot. more »

Avery Fisher

Avery Robert Fisher was a violinist and audio specialist who made numerous contributions to the... more »

Avinash Kak

Avinash C. Kak is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University who... more »

Avraham Shochat

Avraham Shochat is a former Israeli politician who twice served as Minister of Finance. He... more »

Aylmer Hunter-Weston

Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Gould Hunter-Weston KCB DSO GStJ was a British Army general who... more »

Aziz Fathi

Aziz Fathi is the ex-husband of Shadia. more »

Aziz Sedki

Aziz Sedki was an Egyptian politician and engineer. Sedki served as the Prime Minister of Egypt... more »

Aziz Yıldırım

Aziz Yıldırım is currently the 52nd chairman of the Turkish multi sport club Fenerbahçe. He is... more »

Azmy Mehelba

Azmy Mehelba is an athlete and engineer. more »