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Alexander Siemens

Alexander Siemens was a German electrical engineer. Siemens was born in Hanover, then a kingdom... more »

Alexander Tetelbaum

Alexander Tetelbaum is an educator, inventor, scientist, academician, and entrepreneur. He has... more »

Alexander Thom

Alexander "Sandy" Thom was a Scottish engineer most famous for his theory of the Megalithic... more »

Alexander Weygers

Alexander George Weygers, was a polymath Dutch-American artist who is best known as a sculptor,... more »

Alexandre Lavalley

Important 19th French Engineer involved in the Suez Canal and may other projects. more »

Alexandru Oleinic

Alexandru Oleinic is a Moldovan politician. He was the Minister of Information Technologies and... more »

Alexei Kosygin

Alexei Nikolayevich Kosygin was a Soviet-Russian statesman during the Cold War. Kosygin was born... more »

Alexei Strolman

Alexei Petrovich Strolman, Строльман, was a Russian mining engineer, historian and author. He is... more »

Alexei Tupolev

Alexei Andreyevich Tupolev was a Soviet aircraft designer who led the development of the first... more »

Alexey Sudayev

Alexey Ivanovich Sudayev was a Russian weapons designer. He created the PPS submachine gun and... more »

Alf Hjort

Alf Hjort was a Norwegian born American electrical engineer. more »

Alf Scott-Hansen, Sr.

Alf Scott-Hansen was a Norwegian engineer and civil servant. more »

Alfieri Maserati

Alfieri Maserati was an Italian automotive engineer, known for establishing and leading the... more »

Alfred Aho

Alfred Vaino Aho is a Canadian computer scientist best known for his work on programming... more »

Alfred Barrett

Alfred Barrett was born in New England. He was an engineer by training. In about 1818, Barrett... more »

Alfred Belpaire

Alfred Jules Belpaire was a Belgian locomotive engineer who invented the square-topped Belpaire... more »

Alfred Burges

Alfred Burges was a British civil engineer. He was apprenticed to the civil engineer James... more »

Alfred Edward Creese

Alfred Edward Creese was the father of Rene Ray. more »

Alfred H. Rzeppa

Alfred Hans Rzeppa was an american engineer of Silesian descent working at Ford Motor Company... more »

Alfred J. Eggers

Alfred J. Eggers, Jr. was NASA's Assistant Administrator for Policy and devoted efforts to... more »

Alfred J. Gross

Alfred J. Gross, a.k.a. Irving J. Gross was a pioneer in mobile wireless communication. He... more »

Alfred Korzybski

Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski was a Polish-American philosopher and scientist. He is... more »

Alfred L. Rives

Alfred Landon Rives was an American engineer. more »

Alfred Lutter

Alfred Lutter III is a former American child actor who starred along with Ellen Burstyn and... more »

Alfred M. Pride

Alfred Melville Pride was a United States Navy admiral and pioneer naval aviator, who... more »