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Alojz Knafelc

Alojz Knafelc was a Slovene cartographer, mountaineer and the inventor of the Slovene trail blaze. more »

Alphonse Beau de Rochas

Alphonse Eugène Beau de Rochas was a French engineer who originated the principle of the... more »

Alphonse Chapanis

Alphonse Chapanis was a pioneer in the field of industrial design, and is widely considered one... more »

Alphonse Pénaud

Alphonse Pénaud, was a 19th-century French pioneer of aviation design and engineering. He was... more »

Alphonse Sagebien

Alphonse Eléonor Sagebien was a French hydrological engineer born in Amiens and the inventor of... more »

Álvaro Alsogaray

Álvaro Carlos Alsogaray was an Argentine politician and businessman. Minister of Economy during... more »

Álvaro Colom

Álvaro Colom, is a Guatemalan politician who was the President of Guatemala from 2008 to 2012,... more »

Álvaro del Portillo

The Venerable Álvaro del Portillo, or Álvaro del Portillo y Diez de Sollano, was a Spanish... more »

Alvin Spivak

Alvin "Al" Spivak was the son of Herman and Helen Klein Spivak. As a child, he developed a great... more »

Alvy Ray Smith

Alvy Ray Smith is a noted pioneer in computer graphics. He is cofounder, with Edwin Catmull, of... more »

Amand Struve

Amand Yegorovich Struve was a Baltic German military engineer and bridge specialist of Russian... more »

Amar Bose

Amar Bose was a Bengali American academic and entrepreneur. An electrical engineer and sound... more »

Ambrose Robinson

Ambrose Robinson is the father of retired American NBA basketball player David Robinson. more »

Ambrose Swasey

Ambrose Swasey was an American mechanical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, manager, astronomer,... more »

Amédée-François Frézier

Amédée-François Frézier was a French military engineer, mathematician, spy, and explorer who is... more »

Amer Kamfar

Amer Mohammed Kamfar is a licensed Saudi pilot and turbojet engineer who was initially reported... more »

Amir Ansari

Amir Ansari is co-founder of venture capital firm Prodea Systems, Inc. Along with his... more »

Amir Muqam

Amir Muqam is a Pakistani politician and has remained Member of the National Assembly of... more »

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a politician and engineer. more »

Amjad Parvez

Amjad Parvez is an educationist, engineer and he is also writer, singer and musician. He has... more »

Ammar Badie

Ammar Badie is the son of Mohammed Badie. more »

Amos E. Joel, Jr.

Amos Edward Joel, Jr. was an American electrical engineer, known for several contributions and... more »

Amrik Singh Dhillon

Amrik Singh Dhillon is a former aeronautics engineer and the father of actress Poonam Dhillon. more »

Amy B. Smith

Amy Smith is an American inventor, educator, and founder of D-Lab at MIT. She works to develop... more »


P. Sachidanandan, who uses the pseudonym Anand, is an Indian writer. Anand writes primarily in... more »