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C. Chapin Cutler

Cassius Chapin Cutler was an American electrical engineer at Bell Labs. His notable achievements... more »

C. D. Howe

Clarence Decatur "C. D." Howe, PC was a powerful Canadian Cabinet minister, representing the... more »

C. Douglass Buck

Clayton Douglass Buck was an American engineer and politician from New Castle Hundred, New... more »

C. F. Varley

Cromwell Fleetwood "C.F." Varley, FRSA was an English engineer, particularly associated with the... more »

C. Gordon Fullerton

Charles Gordon Fullerton was a United States Air Force colonel, a USAF and NASA astronaut, and a... more »

C. H. Douglas

Major Clifford Hugh "C. H." Douglas MIMechE, MIEE, was a British engineer and pioneer of the... more »

C. Kumar N. Patel

Chandra Kumar Naranbhai Patel developed the carbon dioxide laser in 1963; it is now widely used... more »

C. L. V. Jayathilake

Emeritus Professor C.L.V Jayathilake, FIESL, JP is a Sri Lankan engineer and academic. He is the... more »

C. Maxwell Stanley

Claude Maxwell "Max" Stanley was an American engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, peace... more »

C. Melvin Lee

C. Melvin Lee was an engineer and father of screenwriter Robert Edwin Lee. more »

C. Y. O'Connor

Charles Yelverton O'Connor CMG was an Irish engineer who is best known for his work in... more »

C.A.P. Turner

Claude Allen Porter Turner was an American structural engineer who designed a number of... more »

Cai Xiang

Cai Xiang was a Chinese calligrapher, scholar, official, structural engineer, and poet. Cai... more »

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu

Călin Constantin Anton Popescu-Tăriceanu is a Romanian politician who was the Prime Minister of... more »

Calvin Mackie

Calvin Mackie is an American award-winning mentor, motivational speaker, and successful... more »

Calvin Quate

Calvin F. Quate was born on 7 December 1923 in Baker, Nevada. He is one of the inventors of the... more »

Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark is the project manager responsible for the design and construction of the first... more »

Camille Dagenais

Camille A. Dagenais, CC OQ is a Canadian engineer and former President of the SNC Group. In 1972... more »

Camillo Agrippa

Camillo Agrippa was a noted fencer, architect, engineer and mathematician of the Renaissance. He... more »

Camillo Boito

Camillo Boito was an Italian architect and engineer, and a noted art critic, art historian and... more »

Camillo Olivetti

Camillo Olivetti was an Italian electrical engineer and founder of Olivetti & Co., SpA., the... more »

Campbell Leckie

Campbell Leckie was a Scottish-Canadian engineer. Leckie completed his technical school training... more »

Canvass White

Canvass White was an American engineer and inventor. He was chief engineer at the Delaware and... more »

Captain William Mackintosh

Captain William Mackintosh was an Irish-born British Army officer and Canadian surveyor and... more »

Carl Abraham Pihl

Carl Abraham Pihl was a Norwegian civil engineer and director of the Norwegian State Railways... more »

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