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E. Bruce Nauman

E. Bruce Nauman was a professor of chemical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He... more »

E. Floyd Kvamme

E. Floyd Kvamme is a Partner Emeritus at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, a high-technology... more »

E. Sreedharan

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan is an Indian civil engineer. He served as the managing director of... more »

E.O.E. Pereira

Vidya Jyothi E.O. Eustace Pereira was a Sri Lankan Engineer and Academic. He was the Vice... more »

Earle Lewis Ovington

Earle Lewis Ovington was an American aeronautical engineer, aviator and inventor, and served as... more »

Earle S. MacPherson

Earle Steele MacPherson was an American automotive engineer, most famous for developing the... more »

Eaton Hodgkinson

Eaton A. Hodgkinson was an English engineer, a pioneer of the application of mathematics to... more »

Eberhard Rees

Eberhard Friedrich Michael Rees was a German-American rocketry pioneer and the second director... more »

Eberhardt Rechtin

Eberhardt Rechtin was an American systems engineer and respected authority in aerospace systems... more »

Ebrahim Victory

Ebrahim Victory was born in Teheran, Iran on 26 December 1933.He attended the Kourosh Primary... more »

Ed Heinemann

Edward Henry Heinemann, was a noted military aircraft designer for the Douglas Aircraft Company. more »

Ed Seykota

Edward Arthur Seykota is a commodities trader, who earned S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering... more »

Edd China

Edd China is a motor specialist who has been featured in British TV shows including Wheeler... more »

Eddie Wolstenholme

Edward K. Wolstenholme is an English former football referee who officiated in the Football... more »

Edet Amana

Chief Dr Edet Amana is a Nigerian engineer. more »

Edgar Bolden

Edgar Bolden was an American fighter aircraft pilot and one of the original Tuskegee Airmen... more »

Edgar C. Whisenant

Edgar C. Whisenant, was a former NASA engineer and Bible student who predicted the Rapture would... more »

Edgar D. Zanotto

Edgar Dutra Zanotto is a Brazilian materials engineer from the Universidade Federal de São... more »

Edgar Larner

Edgar Thomas Larner was born in the city of Norwich, Norfolk, England in 1869. His occupation... more »

Edgar Percival

Edgar Wikner Percival was a noted Australian aircraft designer and pilot whose aircraft were... more »

Edgar Philip Rathbone

Edgar Philip Rathbone was a mining engineer and the father of late actor Basil Rathbone. more »

Edgar Schmued

Edgar O. Schmued, German-American aircraft designer was famed for his design of the iconic North... more »

Edgar Wetlesen

Edgar Westesen is the father of actress Eva Henning. more »

Edgar William Cox

Brigadier-General Edgar William Cox, DSO, FRGS was a senior intelligence officer on the British... more »

Edilberto Evangelista

Edilberto Evangelista was a Filipino civil engineer who trained in the University of Ghent,... more »

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