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Frederick Winslow Taylor

Frederick Winslow Taylor was an American mechanical engineer who sought to improve industrial... more »

Frederico Luís Atanásio Hermano KessIer

Portuguese /German railway engineer. Married Rosa da Conceição Guedes. more »

Fredrik Idestam

Knut Fredrik Idestam was a Finnish mining engineer and businessman, best known as a founder of... more »

Fredrik Rosing Bull

Fredrik Rosing Bull was an Information technology pioneer, known for his works on improved... more »

Frei Otto

Frei Paul Otto is a German architect and structural engineer. more »

Friedrich Bassler

Friedrich Bassler was born on 21 June 1909 in Karlsruhe and died on 7 September 1992 in Freiburg... more »

Friedrich Heusler

Friedrich Heusler was a German mining engineer and chemist. He discovered a special group of... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden

Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden was a German pioneer in mining and metallurgy. He was born in... more »

Friedrich Zander

Friedrich Zander, was a Baltic German pioneer of rocketry and spaceflight in the Russian Empire... more »

Fritz Fiedler

Fritz Fiedler, a qualified engineer, joined the BMW firm in 1932 as chief designer at the age of... more »

Fritz Haber

Fritz Haber was a German chemist of Jewish origin, who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in... more »

Fritz Leonhardt

Fritz Leonhardt was a German structural engineer who made major contributions to 20th-century... more »

Fritz Pfleumer

Fritz Pfleumer was a German-Austrian engineer who invented magnetic tape for recording sound. more »

Fritz Todt

Fritz Todt was a German engineer and senior Nazi figure, the founder of Organisation Todt. He... more »

Fritz von Opel

Fritz Adam Hermann Opel, since 1918 von Opel, was the only child of Wilhelm von Opel, and a... more »


Sextus Julius Frontinus was one of the most distinguished Roman aristocrats of the late 1st... more »

Fryderyk Getkant

Fryderyk Getkant or Frederick Getkant was a Polish military engineer, artillery lieutenant and... more »

Fu Hua Chen

Fu Hua Chen was a Chinese engineer who was a pioneer of soil engineering. Born in Fu Zhou, Fu... more »

Fuad Guliyev

Fuad Guliyev Khalil oglu, was the 7th Prime Minister of Azerbaijan. more »

Fulgence Bienvenüe

Fulgence Bienvenüe was a noted French civil engineer. He is best known for his role in the... more »

Funsho Williams

Funsho Williams was a Nigerian civil servant and politician. more »

Furvin Kryakutnoy

Kryakutnoy was a fictional early 18th-century Russian inventor, who allegedly invented the hot... more »

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, sometimes transliterated Dostoevsky, was a Russian novelist,... more »

Fyodor Pirotsky

Fyodor Apollonovich Pirotsky was a Ukrainian-born Russian engineer and inventor of the world's... more »

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