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Graeme Townshend

Graeme Scott Townshend is a retired ice hockey forward. He emigrated to Toronto, Ontario in 1969... more »

Graham Bartram

Graham Bartram is a British vexillologist who is Secretary-General for Congresses of the... more »

Greenleaf Whittier Pickard

Greenleaf Whittier Pickard was a United States radio pioneer. Pickard was a researcher in the... more »

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett is a space flight engineer and science fiction writer. He is the founder of the... more »

Greg Davis

Charles Gregory "Greg" Davis was the mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, the state's fourth largest... more »

Greg Fulginiti

Gregory Fulginiti is an American recording and mastering engineer. Fulginiti grew up in North... more »

Greg McNerney

Greg McNerney is the son of California Representative Jerry McNerney. more »

Gregory Chamitoff

Gregory Errol Chamitoff is an engineer and NASA astronaut. He was assigned to Expedition 17 and... more »

Gregory J. Harbaugh

Gregory Jordan Harbaugh is a former NASA Astronaut. more »

Gregory Jarvis

Gregory Bruce Jarvis was an American engineer who died during the destruction of the Space... more »

Gregory N. Akers

Gregory N. Akers is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Government... more »

Grigori Ehrenburg

Grigori Ehrenburg was an engineer. more »

Grover Loening

Grover Cleveland Loening was an American aircraft manufacturer. more »

Gudmundur S. (Bo) Bodvarsson

Gudmundur Svavar (Bo) Bodvarsson was director of the Laboratory’s Earth Sciences Division since... more »

Guenter Wendt

Günter F. Wendt was a German-American engineer noted for his work in the U.S. manned spaceflight... more »

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian inventor, known for his pioneering work on long distance radio... more »

Guido Bigio

Guido Bigio was an Italian racing car driver and chemical engineer. Born at Busalla, Province of... more »

Guillaume Cailleau

Guillaume Cailleau is a film producer, film director, screenwriter, film production designer,... more »

Guillaume Daniel Delprat

Guillaume Daniel Delprat CBE was a Dutch-Australian metallurgist, mining engineer, and... more »

Guillaume Soisson

Guillaume Soisson was a Luxembourgian engineer and politician for the Party of the Right. A... more »

Guillaume-Henri Dufour

Guillaume-Henri Dufour was a Swiss army officer, bridge engineer and topographer. He served... more »

Guillermo González Camarena

Guillermo González Camarena, was a Mexican engineer who was the inventor of a color-wheel type... more »

Guiniforte Solari

Guiniforte Solari, also known as Boniforte, was an Italian sculptor, architect and... more »

Gul Agha

Gul Agha is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at... more »

Gunnar A. Sjögren

Gunnar A. Sjögren was a Swedish engineer who worked for Saab Automobile and the author of The... more »

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