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Gilbert Levin

Gilbert Levin is an American engineer, the founder of Spherix and the principal investigator of... more »

Gilberto Zaborowsky

Gilberto Zaborowsky is the ex-husband Vivianne Pasmanter. more »

Giorgio Ceragioli

Giorgio Ceragioli was an Italian engineer, professor and a leader in the pro-Third World... more »

Giotto Bizzarrini

Giotto Bizzarrini is an Italian automobile engineer active from the 1950s through... more »

Giovanni Antonelli

Giovanni Antonelli was an Italian scientist, astronomer and engineer. Antonelli was born in... more »

Giovanni Battista Piatti

Giovanni Battista Piatti was an Italian civil engineer. Civil engineer from Milan, inventor of... more »

Giovanni Branca

Giovanni Branca was an Italian engineer and architect, chiefly remembered today for what some... more »

Giovanni Domenico Cassini

Giovanni Domenico Cassini was an Italian/French mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and... more »

Giovanni Giorgi

Giovanni Giorgi was an Italian electrical engineer who invented the Giorgi system of... more »

Giovanni Lombardi

Giovanni Lombardi, is a Swiss engineer specialized in civil works and tunnel construction. In... more »

Giovanni Mazzacurati

Giovanni Mazzacurati is an engineer. more »

Giovanni Solari

Giovanni Solari was an Italian architect and engineer. He was born in Milan, the son of the... more »

Girard Desargues

Girard Desargues was a French mathematician and engineer, who is considered one of the founders... more »

Girolamo Maggi

Girolamo Maggi, or Hieronymus Magius, was an Italian scholar, jurist, poet, military engineer,... more »

Giulio Alfieri

Giulio Alfieri was an Italian automobile engineer, affiliated with Maserati in Modena, Italy... more »

Giulio Ceretti

Giulio Ceretti, was an Italian engineer and entrepreneur, active in the area of cable transport... more »

Giulio Natta

Giulio Natta was an Italian chemist and Nobel laureate. He won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in... more »

Giuseppe Antonio Borgnis

Giuseppe Antonio Borgnis was a French engineer of Italian origin. His book 'Theorie de la... more »

Giuseppe Bianchi

Giuseppe Bianchi was an Italian railway engineer on the Ferrovie dello Stato between 1913 and 1946. more »

Giuseppe Cei

Giuseppe Cei was an Italian aviation pioneer. He was born in Càscina, Tuscany, and showed a... more »

Giuseppe Colombo

Giuseppe Colombo, better known by his nickname Bepi Colombo, was an Italian scientist,... more »

Giuseppe Gabrielli

Giuseppe Gabrielli was an Italian aeronautics engineer. He is famous as designer of numerous... more »

Giuseppe Jappelli

Giuseppe Jappelli was an Italian neoclassic architect and engineer who was born and died in... more »

Giuseppe Meda

Giuseppe Meda was an Italian painter, architect and hydraulics engineer. Born in Milan, he... more »

Giuseppe Puini

Giuseppe Puini was an Italian engineer and architect who worked in the neoclassical style in... more »

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