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H. C. McNeile

Cyril McNeile MC was a British soldier and author. Drawing on his experiences in the trenches... more »

H. David Dalquist

H. David Dalquist was the inventor of the Bundt cake pan, sold by his company Nordic Ware. After... more »

H. E. T. Haultain

Herbert Edward Terrick Haultain was a Canadian engineer and inventor. He was born in Brighton,... more »

H. F. Stephens

Colonel Holman Fred Stephens was a British light railway civil engineer and manager. He was... more »

H. H. Couzens

Sir Herbert Henry Couzens KBE was a British electrical engineering executive who managed public... more »

H. J. Round

Captain Henry Joseph Round was one of the early pioneers of radio and received 117 patents. He... more »

H. P. M. Beames

Hewitt Pearson Montague Beames was Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London and North Western... more »

Håkon Wium Lie

Håkon Wium Lie is a web pioneer, a standards activist, a politician for The Pirate Party of... more »

Hal Abelson

Harold Abelson is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, a fellow of... more »

Hal Anger

Hal Oscar Anger was an American electrical engineer and biophysicist at Donner Laboratory,... more »

Haldane Rodger Cram

Haldane Rodger Cram was born September 22, 1888 and died October 18, 1980. He was a civil... more »

Hall Hibbard

Hall Livingstone Hibbard was an engineer and administrator of the Lockheed Corporation beginning... more »

Hamadi Jebali

Hamadi Jebali is a Tunisian engineer, Islamist politician and journalist who was Prime Minister... more »

Hamid Jafarkhani

Hamid Jafarkhani, born in 1966 in Tehran, is a Chancellor's Professor in electrical engineering... more »

Hamilton Fulton

Hamilton Fulton was a British civil engineer who worked for John Rennie and Thomas Telford... more »

Hani Azer

Hani Azer is an Egyptian Engineer. He was born in Tanta, Egypt and moved to Cairo for High... more »

Hannes Alfvén

Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén was a Swedish electrical engineer, plasma physicist and winner of the... more »

Hanns Hörbiger

Hanns Hörbiger was an Austrian engineer from Vienna with roots in Tyrol. He took part in the... more »

Hannskarl Bandel

Hannskarl Bandel, was a German-American structural engineer. more »

Hanon Izakson

Hanon Ilyich Izakson was a Soviet designer of farm machines who was born in Novo-Bereslav,... more »

Hans Albert Einstein

Hans Albert Einstein was a Swiss-American engineer and educator, and the second child and first... more »

Hans Mauch

Hans Adolph Mauch was an engineer known for his work in early jet engine development in Germany,... more »

Hans Monderman

Hans Monderman was a Dutch road traffic engineer and innovator. He was recognized for radically... more »

Hans Multhopp

Hans Multhopp was a German aeronautical engineer/designer. Receiving a degree from the... more »

Hans R. Camenzind

Hans R. Camenzind was a Swiss electronics engineer best known for designing the 555 timer IC in... more »

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