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Job Abbott

Job Abbott was an American-born Canadian civil engineer who helped pioneer the construction of... more »

Jock Clear

Jock Clear, born 1963 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, is a senior performance engineer working for... more »

Jody Perpick

Jody Perpick is a Canadian former musician and current Sound Engineer for top selling artist... more »

Joe Celko

Joe Celko is an American relational database expert from Austin, Texas. He has participated on... more »

Joe Engle

Joe Henry Engle is a retired U.S. Air Force Major General and a former NASA astronaut. He was... more »

Joe Hewitt

Joe Hewitt is a software programmer who is best known for his work on the Firefox web browser... more »

Joé Juneau

Joseph Juneau is a retired Canadian professional hockey player and engineer, born in Pont-Rouge,... more »

Joe Markosek

Joseph F. Markosek is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the... more »

Joe Meek

Robert George "Joe" Meek was a pioneering English record producer and songwriter. His... more »

Joe Sutter

Joseph F. "Joe" Sutter is a former engineer for the Boeing Airplane Company and manager of the... more »

Joel Barr

Joel Barr, also Iozef Veniaminovich Berg and Joseph Berg, was part of the Soviet Atomic Spy Ring more »

Joel Moses

Joel Moses is an Israeli-American computer scientist and Institute Professor at the... more »

Johan August Brinell

August Brinell was a Swedish Mechanical Engineer. Brinell is noted as the creator of a method... more »

Johan Jensen

Johan Ludwig William Valdemar Jensen, mostly known as Johan Jensen, was a Danish mathematician... more »

Johann Andreas Schubert

Johann-Andreas Schubert was a German general engineer, designer and university lecturer. more »

Johann Georg Halske

Johann Georg Halske was a German master mechanic. Born in Hamburg, Halske started his own... more »

Johann Georg Specht

Johann Georg Specht was born in Lindenberg im Allgäu. He was a civil engineer and architect in... more »

Johann Rudolf Glauber

Johann Rudolf Glauber was a German-Dutch alchemist and chemist. Some historians of science have... more »

Johann Sahulka

Johann Sahulka was an Austrian scientist and professor of electrical engineering at Vienna... more »

Johann Stumpf

Johann Stumpf of the Charlottenburg Technical College in Berlin is best known for popularising... more »

Johannes Grant

Johannes Grant or Johannis Grandi was an engineer employed by the Byzantine Empire at the fall... more »

Johannes Grubenmann

Johannes Grubenmann was a member of the Swiss family Grubenmann who were famous as joiners and... more »

Johannes Winkler

Johannes Winkler was a German rocket pioneer who founded the first German rocket society and... more »

John A. Roebling

John Augustus Roebling was a German-born American civil engineer. He is famous for his wire rope... more »

John Adams

Sir John Bertram Adams KBE, FRS was a British accelerator physicist and administrator. During... more »

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