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Julien Peridier

Julien Péridier was a French electrical engineer and amateur astronomer. For his work he was... more »

Julio Cervera Baviera

Julio Cervera Baviera was a Spanish engineer, pioneer in the development of radio, educator,... more »

Julius Adams Stratton

Julius Adams Stratton was a U.S. electrical engineer and university administrator. He attended... more »

Julius Blank

Julius Blank was a semiconductor pioneer and a member of the so-called "traitorous eight"... more »

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld was an Austro-Hungarian physicist. He was born in Lemberg in... more »

Julius Erasmus Hilgard

Julius Erasmus Hilgard was a German-American engineer. Julius Erasmus Hilgard was born at... more »

Julius H. Kroehl

Julius Hermann Kröhl was a German American inventor and engineer. He invented and built the... more »

Julius Hatry

Julius Hatry was a German aircraft designer and builder. He is remembered for his contributions... more »

Julius Weisbach

Julius Ludwig Weisbach was a German mathematician and engineer. more »

Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski

Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski "Laudański" was a noted Polish soldier during World War II, and later... more »

Jun-ichi Nishizawa

Jun-ichi Nishizawa is a Japanese engineer known for his invention of optical communication... more »

Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis Kairys is a Lithuanian aerobatic pilot and aeronautical engineer. He has won many awards... more »

Justin Emerle

Justin Emerle is the lead singer, guitarist and founding member of Echo Orbiter. Together with... more »

Justin Rattner

Justin R. Rattner is an Intel Senior Fellow, Corporate Vice President and director of Intel... more »

Justin Rosenstein

Justin Rosenstein is an American software programmer and entrepreneur, who co-founded the... more »

Justus B. Entz

Justus Bulkley Entz was an electrical engineer and inventor. He was the inventor of the... more »

Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen

Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen was a Danish engineer and industrialist. He moved to Germany and... more »

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